17th Ave Street Style: Melissa Lalonde


I ran into Melissa Lalonde outside of DAVIDsTEA as she was about to grab an afternoon beverage. It was her amazing black and blue rose-patterned bomber jacket that really caught my attention.  A dark silhouette is always a great way to start an outfit, then layered with a stand-out bolder piece, as Lalonde did.

She adds extra personality and flair by rocking out amazing red nails, blonde locks, and a black eyeliner that is perfect and fierce. She accessorizes with a chunky gold chain, black belt and a double-looped gold ring to make her outfit the perfect combination of comfortable, stylish and chic.


How would you describe your personal style?

I suppose I’d describe my personal style as pretty casual and simple, while still keeping up with trends. My wardrobe consists of a lot of black, white and grey but colors and patterns usually pop up in my layering essentials such as plaids, scarves and jackets. Accessories also play a huge part in my everyday style and I’m almost always wearing multiple rings, layering bracelets and a simple necklace to finish it off.


What’s the last thing you purchased on 17th Ave?

My most recent purchase on 17th avenue is probably one of my favorites right now. I picked up a pair of black-on-black converse low-tops at Gravity Pope and I’m obsessed! I wear them most days when the temperature outside isn’t lingering around -25, with everything from pants, to shorts, skirts, etc.


What are some of your favourite spots on 17th and why?

Favorites of mine on 17th include my preferred coffee shop, Starbucks! Their staff is great and are always so pleasant and polite when you come in and they’re open later than most downtown locations which is great when I’m working late and need a little pick-me-up.

One of my favorite spots to get together with girlfriends is Una, nothing’s better than fresh pizza, kale salad and wine/drinks! Great atmosphere, food and the audiobooks playing in the restrooms are always interesting and enjoyable, haha!

Lately sushi has been a constant craving of mine – Midori sushi always does it best and they are so sweet in there! Whether I’m grabbing take-out or sitting down for a bite, it’s always a nice experience and I always leave happy.

What’s your favourite 17th Ave dish and from where?

Choosing a favorite dish is nearly impossible for me because I always want a little bit of everything, but I have to say that National has a great selection of finger foods and dishes you can share so it makes it easy when I can’t decide on just one thing! Wide selection of foods to pick off of and a double vodka-7up and I’m a happy girl!


What usually brings you down to the avenue?

Aside from work and all the food, I’m usually around the area shopping, hanging out with friends and checking out the music scene/night life. There’s always something happening down here and there’s always new stuff worth having a look at and I’m so glad we have this street full of things to do to indulge in.

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