New to the Ave: Nando’s

Welcome to 17th Ave, Nando’s! (1029 17th Ave SW) – the perfect blend of warm Portuguese hospitality, flame grilled chicken and its famous PERi-PERi flavour. Nando’s has made a name for itself with its relaxed atmosphere, exceptional service and tasty eats, honouring the Afro-Portuguese heritage that is reflected in the menu.

Nando’s philosophy is a simple one: Minha casa e sua casa. Here you are part of the family, in a restaurant adorned with contemporary South African art and refreshing hospitality. Nando’s offers a fast casual dining experience but does not serve fast food. The menu is made to order, with fresh ingredients enjoyed using their hand crafted ceramic plates and cutlery. A reputation that precedes itself, Nando’s famous flame-grilled chicken is marinated for 24 hours until the flavour goes right to the bone. Then baste it in your favourite PERi-PERi flavour (medium, garlic and hot) and you’ve got yourself a dinner date.

Tuck into a share platter – a whole chicken, 2 Portuguese buns and PERi-PERi fries or dig into a little veg PERidise with a Portobello Mushroom and Halloumi on a Portguese garlic bun and cilantro dressing. Their collection of ‘appeteasers’, salads and wings make Nando’s a main event on the Ave.

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Twitter: @NandosPeriPeri

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