17th Ave | Shop Hop 2018

Saturday, October 27th

On October 27th, 17th Ave is hosting one of the most exciting shopping events of the year – The 2018 17th Ave Shop Hop.

This event is to celebrate the latest fashion trends with in-store deals and discounts with over 10 participating stores.

When you register, on the day of the event you will get a Free $25 gift card voucher* to spend and complimentary drinks and snacks. Not only that, but there will also be shuttle a Limo Bus to take you up and down the ave in style.

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Add your name to the VIP list and shop one of the trendiest Aves in Calgary. Big name stores, as well as local Independent boutiques, will be bringing you EXCLUSIVE OFFERS to create one of a kind shopping destination event.

* Gift Card Vouchers may only be spent on items equal to or greater than $25.00 in value and are only valid on date of the event at the locations participating. To collect your GC voucher, event participant must produce their registration form to BIA event organizers. More information will be provided to event participants via email when registration closes.


Participating Stores:

Bamboo Ballroom
Beyond Scarf
Blondie Boutique
Danielle’s Consignment Boutique
Frank And Oak
Kate Hewko
Kit & Ace
Leo Boutique
Ollie Quinn
Robert Sweep
Steeling Home
Velour Clothing Exchange
SalvEdge Boutique Consignment
West Elm

11AM - 4PM
Tomkins Park | 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
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