17th Ave Street Style: Angel Sandersen


Angel Sandersen is unique and fashionable and she brings with her to 17th Avenue a flair and personality that the famous street is well known for. She describes her personal style as creative, chic and chameleon-like.

Winter can be a tough season for many reasons, and when it gets extra chilly and frigid out, it’s only made more difficult to remain fashionable and stylish out there. Sandersen clearly manages to pull it off by mixing beautiful colours, patterns and some seriously unique jewelry that she made herself. Her earrings are part of her own jewelry line, Angel Wings, and they add the perfect touch to her personal style. Sandersen knocks it out of the park and I’m just glad she’s out there making winter more colourful, bright and exciting.

What usually brings you to 17th Avenue?

17th ave is “the meet up spot.”

What is your favourite clothing store on 17th Avenue and why?

Purr has been my go to for a decade. Blame Betty is a close second. I usually check out Rubaiyat and Reid’s during any holiday season as well.

What’s the last thing you purchased on 17th Ave?

Beadles always has an interesting array of beads and findings. My most recent purchase was a rainbow of new beads from there.


Where do you grab your coffee on 17th Avenue?

Analog has quickly taken over as my favourite coffee spot.

Out of all the options out there, what would you say was your most frequented and favourite watering hole?

My loyalty to The Ship & Anchor, as well as Ming, has been consistent from day 1 as an of-age Calgarian.


The best place to hang out on 17th Avenue?

There are just so many hang out spots on 17th, like I said it’s the “meet-up spot.” So everywhere!

What one restaurant really calls your name?

If I had to just pick one place, Bar C had me at Bison Taco.

What else would you like to see on 17th Avenue in future?

17th Ave fulfills the requirements of life for me for the most part. Although, it would be awesome to have a few more family oriented spots to hang out at.

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