17th Ave Street Style: Jeff Berg

One of my favourite up-coming Fall/Winter Trends is the revisit of the 1990’s. The decade is reminiscent of Nirvana and Courtney Love, slouchy toques, plaid, Doc Martens, among many other goodies.

What drew me to Jeff Berg’s looks is that he’s starting his own version of the 90’s while still in summer weather. He rocks a florescent pink ball cap, cut off denim shorts and brings along with him a grey sweatshirt. It couldn’t get more 90’s than that, and I loved every minute of photographing him on 17th Avenue.

What is your favourite store on 17th Avenue?

Divine Decadence, as I can find the most random things there. It’s a great mix of new and vintage.

Where do you grab your coffee on 17th Avenue?

Beano. The cafe is great for people watching and is just the definition of classic 17th!

Out of all the options out there, what would you say is your most frequented and favourite watering hole?

I love Ox & Angela. They have amazing cocktails, a great atmosphere and I feel comfortable and relaxed there. For a more casual day or night out I love The Ship & Anchor, especially for the amazing patio!

The best place to hang out on 17th Avenue?

This is my home, so all of it! I bump into people I know all over the avenue and I never know who I’m going to see even just walking home from work.  This is my community.

Photos & text by Aldona Barutowicz.

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