17th Ave Street Style with Aldona B

I’ve had the great pleasure of photographing street style in Calgary for the past few years, and during that time I’ve photographed it all and in all conditions. I’ve chased people down the street, waving my arms like a mad person trying to get away from a bee, just to capture that one amazing outfit. I’ve photographed in snow storms, at events, in coffee shops, stores and in various neighbourhoods in the city.

It’s now my absolute pleasure to bring my Street Style to 17th Avenue, and to find out what my stylish subjects have to say about this amazing part of Calgary!

Emerencz Merkle


Emerencz Merkle has an amazing and distinct personal style, and I love how she put her outfit and accessories together. She keeps the attention on a checkered bow tie, which not everyone would be willing to try, and pairs a denim shirt with shorts and sneakers to accommodate the summer heat.


What is your favourite clothing store on 17th Avenue?

I love Dick&Janes. It’s unique and zany and the store has the best dresses!

Where do you grab your coffee on 17th Avenue?



Out of all the options out there, what would you say was your most frequented and favourite watering hole?

Local 510 has the best food and service on 17th Avenue. And by far, the best looking staff.

The best place to hang out on 17th Avenue?

I love the park, as I enjoy to people watch. Nothing is ever the same at the park and you see a lot of diverse people in the area.

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