Authentic Egyptian and Mediterranean Cuisine at Trio

The best of Egyptian and Mediterranean Cuisine to come to Calgary at Trio Restaurant & Cafe!

Trio’s foundation was born on three elements: “Our Dream, Our Passion, and Our People.” 

Since opening in 2016, Trio’s unique dining experience will leave you feeling like you’re in Egypt with their Mediterranean and Egyptian inspired menu, and furniture and decor imported straight from Egypt. 

Trio’s patio is a must-add to your summer to-do list, especially with their $5 happy hour drink and appetizer specials. Not to mention their eye-catching signature table top grills, which come sizzling and steaming, with your choice of meat skewer, served alongside vegetables, salsas, rice or fries. All food is halal, with options available for vegetarian, vegan, and keto.

Don’t skip out on the desserts here and finish off your meal with one of their many delicious options. The Om Ali and Trio Rice Pudding are both more traditional Egyptian desserts that will impress any sweet tooth.

If you just wanna come by for a coffee or tea, you must try their Trio coffee or Trio Karak tea. Served in traditional serving pots sure to amaze, both provide a unique experience that is hard to find anywhere else in Calgary.

They are now open, and you can visit their website to make a reservation. Or if you prefer to order in, you can find them on Skip the Dishes, Doordash and Uber Eats.

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