Behind the Bar: Ox & Angela


For soul satisfying libations, the bar at Ox and Angela (528 17th Ave S.W.) waxes lyrical. The Spanish inspired tapas restaurant whisks you away to a sexier, sunnier place where food means love and cocktails seal the whole culinary experience. With a family style service, Ox recreates a heavenly hustle of food and drink where sharing (plates and stories) is expected and encouraged.


Neila MacIntyre, Ox’s bar manager, shares that “every cocktail is made with love” and finds inspiration in local, seasonal ingredients. With a killer palette, she taps into nuanced differences in Sherry, gin and liquers from Spain compared to their North American counterparts and highlights them through her expertly crafted cocktail collection. The wine list showcases the best that Spain has to offer, but no country goes unnoticed. MacIntyre is the first to share “there’s room for all!”

So what should you sip on? The Pomegranate Margarita features Tromba tequila, Los Siete Misterios mescal, Pama liquer, fresh lime juice and agave and shines ruby red out of the salt rimmed glass. Our other love – the Pisco and Grapefruit is made with Miguel Torres pisco, agave, grapefruit and lime juice and is finished with cinnamon dust.


A fun feature of Ox & Angela is also the Spanish wine decanter known as a Porron. Traditionally, it was made for sharing wine out of a spouted end when there was no glassware (note: in 2015 it’s a delightful blend of acrobatics and party trick). On Sundays they offer $25.00 select bottles of wine to use in the Porron – be sure to book a table and let the fun flow.

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