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Walk With…Melissa Fellows of TreeEra

Reducing our carbon footprint is a solid common goal, and this month we’ve been exploring all the ways we can “go green”. Enter TreeEra, a new Calgary-based organization that community-funds the planting of trees to help individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint. This month we caught up with their Community Manager, Melissa Fellows, to learn more about TreeEra. She shares how we can all get involved, and how the TreeEra squad spends time on the Ave when they take a break from their nearby office a.k.a. “The Treehouse”.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.
TreeEra is a new organization that community-funds the planting of trees. We want to provide an easy and accessible way for people to take themselves off the sidelines in the fight against climate change.

What projects are you involved with right now?
Right now, we’re in the midst of rolling out our retail package. The idea is that TreeEra will sit on the counter of some of our favourite retail locations, and customers can purchase a ‘5 Tree’ patch that plants 5 trees on their behalf.

How did TreeEra officially come to be?
We were born in late 2016, and the notion really came from the struggle between believing in climate change and the lack of knowing what to do about it. Thus, TreeEra was born! The two founders put their skill sets together and created a way for individuals and businesses to join an inclusive community of positive change.

How can people get involved?
TreeEra is a subscription-based organization. A low-cost monthly subscription pays for the planting of trees on behalf of individuals and businesses each year. We’re also always open to other ways in which people and businesses want to plant trees, so let us know if you have an idea! Visit our website TreeEra.com or email info@treeera.com to get involved.

Supporting and partnering with artists is part of your mandate. What local artists are helping spread the message?
Most of our artist partnerships to date have come to life through Instagram. Local artists like Curtis Van Charles have created some amazing images. We’ve also started doing some image series with international photographers. Again, we’re always open to different ways we can work with artists around the world.

The Treehouse is close by! What are some of your favourite stops on 17th?
Our team is somewhat obsessed with going to Rustic Sourdough Bakery at lunch for a soup and sandwich. And a bit farther down, we can get our Cru Juice and Analog coffee fix.

What’s your favourite thing about working off 17th Ave?
The sense of community that it offers. After strolling the Ave just a few times, you tend to see familiar faces. It’s bustling with life and character, and is home to so many different people, businesses and services. We’re happy to be a part of it!

Favourite place to shop?
Steeling Home and Less 17 are definitely hard to walk by without stopping in!

Best place for a night out or favourite restaurant? Any hidden gems?
We do love The Coup for a healthy meal, or Home & Away for an after-work beer! But again… Rustic Bakery is probably one of the best hidden gems!

What would you like to see on 17th in the future?
More trees!

What’s up next for TreeEra?
TreeEra has quite a bit on the go at the moment. Up next, we are having our first community snowshoe day! For information on how to attend this outing, check out our social feeds or email info@treeera.com!

Stay up-to-date on all things TreeEra & follow them online:

Instagram: @treeeraco
Twitter: @treeeraco
Facebook: facebook.com/treeeraco



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