Bubble Tea and Treats at Don’t Yell At Me

Hailing from Taiwan, this bubble tea shop opened up on 17th Ave early last year, and is serving up bubble teas, coffee, milk teas and more – all of which look like they were made to fit a perfectly curated Instagram feed with their vibrant colours and decorative toppings. FYI, they’re actually made for consuming, they’re just very pretty.  

Bubble teas, Creative Sparkling Water, Coffee and More

Don’t Yell At Me’s aesthetically pleasing list of drinks includes a rotating seasonal menu, which currently features flavours like their brown sugar pearl with avocado, or strawberry-pom spring special. Not into bubble tea? They also have a selection of creative sparkling waters, fresh milk teas, and their take on caffeinated beverages like their brown sugar café late.

Snacks and Treats

Their Instagram-worthy teas are definitely a highlight at this downtown café, but they also have plenty of snacks – or treats – to pair with your beverages as well. Their teabubz crepe cakes come in flavours like oreo and tiramisu, and they also have a variety of flavoured cakesicles and macarons to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. 

Don’t Yell At Me Merch

Once you’ve given this place a try and your obsession inevitably develops, you can also check out their Don’t Yell At Me Merchandise featuring a simple yet cool design including their name and logo. 


You can pop into this trendy tea shop at their 17th Ave location, or order online through DoorDash, Ubereats and Fantuan delivery. 

620A 17 Ave SW, dyam-ab.ca

Website: dyam-ab.ca

Facebook: @DontYellAtMe.Calgary

Instagram: @dontyellatme.ab

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