BUMP Murals on 17th Ave

Did you know that 17th Ave is home to 17 spectacular BUMP murals, located between 2nd Street SW and 16th Street SW? Use the map below to locate these vibrant works of art on infrastructure along the avenue, and take a self-guided walking tour on one of the most famous streets in Calgary!


This striking mural, titled Kerzeka, was created by artistic duo, Tiziano (a.k.a Kerz) and Desiree (a.k.a Zeka), both of whom are passionate about capturing the spirit of art through painting and teaching. This mural represents the natural evolution of life through the use of abstract realism.

Michelle Hoogveld

This self-titled mural was created by Canadian painter and mural artists, Michelle Hoogveld. Much like this vibrant beltline mural, her work often consists of bold patterns and colour that wind together to create a portrait of human emotion. The shapes used within this mural represent the various thoughts and emotion that people experience.

Kalum Teke Dan

Kalum Teke Dan is an Indigenous artist, and the creator behind this powerful mural. Kalum also works in collaboration with Colouring it Forward, an indigenous social enterprise with a focus on creating conversations around art, as well as producing artwork aimed at creating an understanding and reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Harneet Kaur Chahal, Ravina Kaur Toor, And Zoe Harveen Kaur Sihota,

Harneet Kaur Chahal, Ravina Kaur Toor, and Zoe Harveen Kaur Sihota are three local artists who came together for the creation of this mural to connect advocacy and art, and allow people from diverse backgrounds to see themselves represented in art. This mural illustrates the the perseverance of the farmer protests in India, and the shared power of a community in the face of social justice issues.


Calgary-based graffiti artist, Toner, created this colourful mural with symbolism in mind. In the ancient art of Chinese Feng Shui, the parrot is a symbol of opportunity and good news. Toner has worked as a large-scale mural artist and graffiti artist for more than a decade.

Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton’s body of work shows how as an artist, she takes inspiration from the city or community she is working in, hence the cowboy boot. You can find her work in more than 24 cities across Canada.


For nearly 3 decades, Montreal artist, Fluke, has been a prominent figure in the Canadian street art scene thanks to his unique approach and unconventional methods and techniques.


Visual artists, Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada, make up the collaborative art practice that is Nasarimba. The pair create art using a variety of mediums including painting, sculpting, printmaking and murals.

Mary Haasdyk

Calgary-based illustrator, Mary Haasdyk, works in both traditional and digital mediums and has a passion for visual storytelling, community engagement and public art.

Kevin Cardinal

Kevin Cardinal’s Woodland Cree heritage in combination with his life experiences, travel and spiritual ceremonies all take shape within his body of work, where he allows each piece to tell its own story.

Alex Kwong

Calgary-based artist Alex Kwong uses his artwork to share stories of the people he knows, and the places he has been. In this mural, he captures another local artist, Simone Saunders, to highlight his peers in the Calgary art scene.

Cassie Suche

Cassie Suche is a local artist and surface designer who finds inspiration in symmetry, reptation and movement, as well as the natural textures and landscapes around her. She utilizes a variety of mediums to create her work including traditional illustration and digital applications.

Marcia Harris

After majoring in painting, drawing, photography and printmaking at the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Marcia Harris began to sell her work throughout Canada. You can now find it in collections throughout Alberta. This specific mural was inspired by the business behind the wall, an idea that stemmed from a past series she had done titled ‘Affected City Series,’ which highlighted the various landmarks around Calgary. The business is Barber Culture.

Adrianne Williams

Adrianna Williams is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores her Caribbean ancestry and urban culture. Her goal with this mural, which can be found on the side of popular Caribbean food joint, Simply Irie, was to bring together elements of the restaurant — the owner said people often told her that being inside Simply Irie made them feel like they were back on the Island.

Ola Volo

This Canadian mural artist has roots in Kazakhstan, and draws from her identity, multiculturalism and folklore in her work. Ola Volo creates females characters, much like the one depicted in this mural, to symbolize empowerment.

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates is a Canadian artist based in San Fransisco who integrates geometric patterns, detailed characters and bold colours to his work. You can find his art on walls, trains and more across the globe

Kay Gallivan

Kay Gallivan, a multidisciplinary artist who hails from Lekwungen Territory, uses local biodiversity, myths and archetypes, as well as colour schemes found in the sky and the water for her work. In this instance, she studied Calgary’s natural flora and fauna before creating this colourful plant-based mural.