Canada 150 Celebration

Capture the spirit & pride of being Canadian and celebrate our nation’s 150th birthday with a family-friendly afternoon of live music in Tomkins Park! Catch local bands, The Heirlooms, Rosalind, Fox Who Slept the Day Away and Windigo starting at 1pm on 17th Ave.

1:00pmThe Heirlooms
The Heirlooms is an up-and-coming, five piece group of groove induced youngsters that formed in early January of 2015. Their music has been described as “a kaleidoscopic patchwork of intelligent and emotional brilliance” – Mark Steele of Sound Blab UK

Harmonies steeped in old-time folk, melodies with a marinade of soul; songs to bring you up, bring you down, and meet you in the middle, wherever that middle might be.

3:00pm – Fox Who Slept The Day Away
An ambient indie band with some post-rock and psychedelic influences, Blending jazz and math-rock technicality with the ambiance of post-rock, they have created a unique and diverse sonic range.

4:00pm – Windigo
Dreamy melodies and psychedelic summer vibes take you somewhere warm and far away.

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