Canada’s Largest Egyptian Collection at Son of the Pharaoh

Canada’s largest collection of Egyptian artifacts, keepsakes, jewellery and more is located right here in Calgary at the Son of the Pharaoh. This family-run business has been operating for more than 30 years, and offers Calgarians a unique experience in their storefront, where you can shop historical and mythological home décor and jewellery. With deep roots tracing back to Egypt, the owners of Son of the Pharaoh have cultivated an experience unparalleled here in Calgary, and even Canada. Transport into another time and place through their selection of distinctive and authentic Egyptian imports.

Unique Egyptian Jewellery

Browse through the Son of the Pharaoh’s exceptional jewellery assortment, where you can gaze upon vintage pendants made from sterling silver in Luxor, Egypt, and featuring ancient Egyptian gods Anubis, and Thoth or Goddess Bastet. You’ll also find a variety of brass bangles, and amethyst bracelets made with chakra stones.

Small Statues, Large Replicas and More

And of course, Canada’s largest assemblage of Egyptian imports includes items for the home, ranging from small stone statues and replicas to much larger variations, and an impressive collection of papyrus. Eye-catching artifacts like an Anubis incense burner, or an ancient Egyptian trinket box depicting a Pharaonic scene can be perfect additions to your book shelf, and an homage to a rich and storied history. The images portrayed on the Papyrus are hand-painted and illustrate museum scenes and temple reliefs, and feature intricate detailing and bold colours.

Shop Son of the Pharaoh Online

You can also shop Son of the Pharaoh’s expansive collection of jewellery, collectables and home decor online, where they offer shipping in Canada and the U.S. And when it becomes safe to travel again, and Son of the Pharaoh leaves you wanting to expand on your experience with Egyptian culture and history, they also organize trips to Egypt three to four times a year. Admire sites like the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Temple of Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and more in person, with a guided tour through Egypt, curated by the team at Son of the Pharaoh.

Experience Egypt’s illustrious culture, history and art at Canada’s largest Egyptian collection, right here on 17th Ave at Son of the Pharaoh.

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