Board & Governance

2022 Board of directors

Martin Halliday, Board Chair
Greg Stebbe, Director
Kerri Burnside, Director
Jennifer LeBlond, Director
Chad McCormick
Janis Isaman

Operation & Governance of the BIA

In addition to the provisions of the MGA, the Board of Directors is governed through its own 17th Avenue Retail & Entertainment Bylaws and the guiding documents of the Directors Handbook and Directors Reference Binder. The Directors Handbook includes the terms of reference for the BIA’s four standing committees; position guidelines for the board, officers and its directors; core competency guidelines and a code of conduct which all directors must sign annually. The Directors Reference Binder contains the budget, reference materials, committee work plans, strategic and marketing plans, financial statements, plus agendas and minutes of meetings of the Board. 

Overseeing the day to day operation of the BIA, the Executive Director plays a fundamental role in helping the Board achieve its goals, meeting its objectives and implementing the strategies of the Board of Directors. This is achieved through awareness, involvement and knowledge of all activities impacting the livelihood of the business community. It includes the efficient orchestration and management of the BIA operation, financial oversight, administration, facilitation of all events, media & public relations, engagement in the public & governmental forum, fostering and encouraging the ideas of the board of directors and the visions of the business community and the execution of all programs as defined by the annual budget. 

Two third party programs provide additional support to the Executive Director. The Calgary Federation of BIA’s Society, operating as CBiZ , is an alignment of eight BIAs who share resources, mentor, engage and jointly advocate for the provision of city services and oversee a graffiti abatement program. And the BIA City Business Plan 2016-2018 brings together all 15 BIA’s and the City, under a concise strategy with objectives in the seven priority areas, all leading to better communications, more support and a greater commitment to BIA’s through dedicated staff & resources.