Community Resources


911 is to be used only for emergencies (police, fire and medical) where an immediate response is required, This should be called only if there is an emergency and lives are in danger, immediate assistance is required or there is a crime in progress.

This should be used for all non-emergency situations, where an immediate response is not required. This number is called when time has elapsed since the incident, the suspect is not on scene or you are calling about a nuisance issue (i.e. noise, complaints, suspicious people, intoxication, etc.) Police will attend on a lower priority basis.

If you observe an individual who appears to be intoxicated, loitering, trespassing or sleeping in an area that they should not be but otherwise appear peaceful and not being aggressive call the HELP. Team – A mobile team available to transport individuals that are not able to come to the Alpha house location on their own.


On-going Community Concerns? - [email protected]

The CROs (Community Resource Officers) provide a key point of contact for the community policing initiatives and problem-solving. They monitor crime trends, traffic and social issues within their zone. They also keep track of the crime issues that are of particular concern to residents.

Please contact 311 and concerns (i.e. burnt out street lights, garbage collection, etc.) will be forwarded to the appropriate department. 

Did you know that you can report certain types of crimes to the Calgary Police Service online? When you use the CPS Citizen Online Police Report System, you can submit a report about a crime immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. When you use the quick and easy online reporting system, it can help you by providing reports for your records. It also helps the police to identify and address crime trends in your area.

What can I report online?

The online reporting system currently takes reports about the following crimes, as long as their value is less than $5,000
(Canadian), there’s no known suspect, and the incident happened within Calgary’s city limits:

  • Lost Property
  • Theft
  • Damage/Mischief to Property
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Damage/Mischief to Vehicle

To report crime online, go to, and click on “Report a Crime Online” Follow the screen prompts to fill in the information and submit your report. If you have a problem with the system, there’s 24-hour support available. When you’re finished, you can print a copy of the police report to keep for your records. Police will review your case, and will
contact you if needed.