It's Construction Season!

April 17, 2024 Update:
  • 17th Ave SW (between 6th St – 2nd St) is reduced to one lane in each direction, due to planned City of Calgary construction.
  • From Thursday (April 18) evening until Monday (April 22) between 7th and 8th Street along 17th Ave SW, will be closed, due to work related to condo construction.

As we gear up for another phase of construction along 17th Ave SW, it’s crucial to keep our business community informed and prepared. 

Starting this April, the City of Calgary is embarking on the final leg of the 17 Avenue S.W. Reconstruction Project, aiming to enhance our streetscape and infrastructure for years to come.

Work this year is expected to begin in April, and will include:

  • Sidewalk repairs from 2 Street to 14 Street S.W.
  • Rehabilitation of concrete tree boxes from 2 Street to 14 Street S.W.
  • New electrical infrastructure for streetlights and for upcoming 5G.
  • Toplift paving from 2 Street to 8 Street S.W.

These improvements will complete the major restoration work that has been underway from 2017 through 2019 and will help ensure that 17 Avenue S.W. can continue to serve the business community, residential community, and the many users of the 17 Ave area for many years.

Road & utility reconstruction:
Spring 2017 – Winter 2019 – COMPLETE

Road top lift paving:
Macleod Trail to 2 Street – Fall 2021 – COMPLETE
8 to 14 Street – Fall 2022 – COMPLETE

Completion of sidewalk construction:
Spring 2023 – Fall 2024

Completion of top lift paving (2 to 8 Street):
Fall 2024

The map provided below is tentative and subject to change.


While these improvements are underway, there may be temporary disruptions to access businesses and parking in our vicinity. Below are some actions you can take to minimize the impact of the upcoming construction season.

Review Operations: Assess your current operations and identify potential areas that might be affected by construction. Consider adjusting business hours, staffing schedules, and delivery logistics to minimize disruption.

Communication: Keep your customers, suppliers, and employees informed about the construction schedule and any changes to access points or parking. Use your website, social media channels, email newsletters, and signage to effectively disseminate this information.

Alternative Access: While some parking spots may be affected by construction, there are numerous alternatives available within the 17th Ave area. Encourage your customers to utilize City of Calgary parking facilities, as well as parking lots operated by Indigo and Diamond Parking. If possible, create clear signage directing customers to alternate entrances or parking areas.

Online Presence: Enhance your online presence to maintain visibility and attract customers who may be hesitant to visit in person due to construction. Update your channels with relevant information about the construction schedule and provide parking alternatives. (Click here for marketing ideas)

Support Each Other: As we navigate through this construction phase, let’s continue to support one another. Encourage your customers to explore neighbouring businesses and attractions.

Display this printout outside of your business during construction.  

This construction phase may present temporary challenges for the businesses in our area. However, we can reduce its effects by staying informed and taking preventative action.

Stay updated and contact the City of Calgary here.