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As our lives start to regain a small assemblance of normalcy after months of quarantine, many of us are checking off some of those to-do list items that built up during lockdown. If you’ve let your laundry pile grow a little high, or you’ve got long put-off garments that need dry cleaning, now is the time to get it done – especially since we finally have the opportunity to ditch the work-from-home uniform and head out wearing something other than sweats. 17th Ave is home to various different dry cleaning businesses, tailors and alteration services to help you with everything from your day-to-day laundry needs to leather and shoe repair. 

Photo Credit: Radek Skrzypczak, unsplash.com

Ace Shoe Care 

From zipper replacements to leather repair, ACE Shoe Care offers excellent craftsmanship on all items and repairs, along with quick and efficient turnaround times at their 17th Ave location. In addition to their shoot and boot repairs, their full range of services also includes heel and toe replacement on shoes, calf enlargement on boots, leather work and die on jackets, bags and belts, zipper replacement and key cutting. All services are provided in-house, where they also have an assortment of footwear accessories to aid in preserving all of your favourite shoes and boots. 

325B 17 Ave SW, aceshoerepair.ca

Photo Credit: Volha Flaxeco, unsplash.com

D-Vu Expert Tailors 

For all your sewing and alteration needs, head to D-VU Tailors located at 503 17 Avenue SW Suite 3, or call (403) 460-8883 to learn more about their services. 

503 17 Avenue SW Suite 3, (403)-460-8883

Dolphin Dry Cleaners 

Not only does Dolphin Dry Cleaners offer a broad range of laundry and clothing services – from dry cleaning to alterations and repairs, they do it all – but they’ve also made a commitment to being as eco-friendly as possible with a set of stringent environmental policies and a biodegradable solvent that is effective in cleaning but harmless to the environment. Their services include eco-friendly dry cleaning, alterations and repairs such as resizing and hemming, cleaning services for tricky garments such as leather and suede, comforters and bedding, and even wedding dresses. 

1210 17 Ave SW, dolphincleaners.com

Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners 

With more than 70 years in the fabric-care industry spanning over three generations, Fishman’s Personal Care Cleaners is Calgary’s most experienced dry cleaner. They offer 100% solvent free dry cleaning with biodegradable, citrus based and soluble soaps, ensuring your garments get the attention they need without all the chemicals commonly used in dry cleaning. Skip the laundry with Fishman’s wash and fold service, or check out their other various offerings including alterations and repairs, specialized dry cleaning, and even a shoe shine and repair service. 

615 17 Ave SW, fishmans.ca

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Martha’s Master Cleaners 

For more than 30 years, Martha’s Master Cleaners has been offering reliable dry cleaning services. Located at 1403 8 Street S.W., you can also call them at (403) 244-4349 to learn more about their services. 

1403 8 Street SW, (403)-244-4349

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

Wild Rose Cleaners 

Dry cleaning can often be an costly expenditure, but at Wild Rose Cleaners, they’ve made it their mission to offer professional dry cleaning and alteration services at an affordable price. With the use of organic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and advanced equipment, Wild Rose Cleaners is able to eliminate wrinkles and dissolve stains from many different fabrics and textiles. You can also take advantage of Wild Rose Cleaner’s alteration services, which vary from resizing clothing and hemming, to replacing zippers. Learn more about their services and competitive pricing at their website. 

6A 1330 15 Ave SW, wildrosecleaner.ca

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