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17th Ave’s Newest Beer Joint, Chemical Steve’s!

We know the first place we will be going once the current lockdown is over, and that’s Chemical Steve’s Beer Joint. 

Photo Credit: Chemical Steve’s

Craft Beer, Bar Snacks and More

This 17th Ave newcomer opened in October 2020, and has all the essentials for a post-lockdown good time: Calgary craft beer, booze, wine and snacks. AND the best part is, everything on the menu is just $6. We could definitely have some fun with that. 

Photo Credit: Chemical Steve’s

Local Craft Beer Favourites

Beer always tastes a little better when you know you’re supporting local brewers. Find local favs such as Village Cider, Okami Kasu Ale, This Must Be the Place IPA and more on their pints menu. And of course nothing compliments a craft beer quite like some good old fashioned pub snacks. At Chemical Steve’s, you can munch on menu items like wings, fries, poutine and tots. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

Photo Credit: Chemical Steve’s

Check Chemical Steve’s Beer Joint out on 17th Ave

Once it’s safe to leave our homes and gather with our friends at a bar again, we know where we’ll be going. For craft beer, bar snacks, loud music and good times, check out Chemical Steve’s, located at 718 17th Ave SW

718 17th Ave SW, chemicalstevesbeerjoint.com

Website: chemicalstevesbeerjoint.com

Instagram: @chemicalsteves



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