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Best Asian Restaurants on 17th Ave

17th Ave has a lot of amazing restaurants highlighting different cultures, cuisines, and styles of dining, but when you have a hankering for Asian food, nothing else can really compare or satisfy that craving. Luckily, we’ve curated a list of some of the best spots to grab a hearty Vietnamese sub, or all you can eat sushi on the Ave. Your stomach will be growling before you get halfway through this list.

Japanese and Sushi

Nami Sushi & Grill

This Japanese Bistro offers up a delicious assortment of sushi, as well as other Japanese delicacies at their 14th street location, just off of 17th Ave. Start your meal off with one of their fried tempuras, where you can choose between vegetable, yam and prawn. Then dive into their teriyaki hot plates or specialty rolls like the Calgary Flames roll, which is made with spicy salmon, cucumber, avocado, and benito and Unagi sauce. They also have options for gluten-free and vegetarian.

Find out more at www.namisushi.ca

Fusion Sushi

Don’t let the name fool you, this fusion style restaurant is more than just sushi, with its ample selection of Asian cuisines. Choose from their selection of Teriyaki plates, Teppanyaki stir fried dishes, Thai cuisine, Udo soups, sushi and more on their expansive menu. They also have a unique variety of desserts to finish off your meal – you can’t go wrong with an order of their mango ice cream, but you’d be remiss not to try the fried banana. Fusion Sushi offers all you can eat, with discounted pricing for seniors and children, as well as lunch.

Find out more at fusionsushi17.ca


Midori Japanese Café

Indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine such as sushi, maki and temaki at this quaint café located on 17th Ave. Before you dive in to their delectable menu, browse their drink offerings, which include Japanese warm or cold sake, to wash down the copious amounts of sushi your about to eat. Before the main course, choose from unique appetizer options like potato croquette or a light midori salad but then head straight to the sushi, because that’s what you’re really here for. With over thirty different mouthwatering rolls to choose from, your best option is to go for a couples plate, where you get an assortment of their many delicious rolls and sashimi to sample.

Find out more at midorijapan.ca

Ke Charcoal Grill & Sushi

Enjoy dishes hot off the charcoal grill, or other Japanese favourites like Sushi and Ramen from this chef-driven restaurant just off 17th Ave. Chef Terry, whose passion for food is evident in every dish at Ke Charcoal, usually recommends the Yakitori special for first timers at the grill, because the flavours transport you straight to Shinjuku. Yakitori is not the only menu highlight. The deluxe Bento box features Oishi sushi, chefs pick of side dishes, and two Japanese soft drinks – perfect for date night. Or browse their teppan grill options, where you can indulge in grilled seafood or other meat options. Another notable mention is the ramen, featuring a flavourful pork base, with choices of their black ramen, miso ramen or red ramen.

Find out more at kecharcoalgrill.com

5 Senses Ramen and Sushi Bar

For made-to-order ramen bowls, fresh ocean wise poke, sushi, sashimi and more, head to 5 Senses Ramen and Sushi bar – a Japanese fusion restaurant that provides dinners with an experience that celebrates all 5 sense of dining and eating out. Chef Satoru Kogo’s menu features contemporary Asian dishes like his JFC starter, which is his take on Japanese Fried Chicken drizzled in Chili Goma sauce, or the Tokoyaki, an Osaka street food served with Teriyaki and Chili Goma. You can indulge in their mouthwatering Ramen bowls, which come in five variations and are all served with Tonkotsu – a chicken and pork braised broth. The sushi and poke selection are not to be missed, with options like Atlantic salmon, yellowfin tuna, and tuna poke style to choose from.

Find out more at 5sensesyyc.com


Vietnamese Cuisine

Kim Anh Vietnamese Submarines

With a selection of more than 15 mouthwatering and homemade Vietnamese submarines, eating at Kim Anh is a no-brainer the next time you’re craving Vietnamese cuisine. The only difficult part will be narrowing down your choices – Korean BBQ, lemongrass BBQ chicken, and beef satay are just a few of the appetizing sandwich options at this 17th Ave spot. If you’re really hungry, you can also choose from an assortment of spring rolls, and salad rolls, or their entrée dishes that feature rice or vermicelli noodles, veggies and your choice of meat.

Find out more at kimanhvietnamese.com

Golden Bell Vietnamese Cuisine

For Vietnamese subs, Pho, vermicelli, stir fry, pad Thai and more, this 17th Ave restaurant specializing in Vietnamese cuisine has it all. Begin your meal with a refreshing Vietnamese style coffee, served with slow drip coffee and condensed milk, or a bubble tea, available in flavours like honey dew, taro root and watermelon. Once you’re feeling hydrated, it’s time to tackle their substantial menu where you have your pick of popular Asian dishes. Go for a baguette, with your choice of beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian tofu.  Or opt for their reputable pho, which comes with rice noodles and beef broth and your choice of delicious toppings like BÒ VIÊN, which is beef meat balls, or TÁI, which is rare beef thinly sliced.

Find out more at goldenbell.ca


Thai Food

Tuk Tuk Thai

Tuk Tuk Thai was created by Sam Chanhao as a take-out concept inspired and developed through traditional family recipes he serves at his own Calgary restaurant, Thai Sa-on. Chanhao serves Calgarians authentic Thai takeout dishes based on the most popular dishes in his own restaurant such as Thai classics like Pad Thai and Green Curry. In addition to their Lotus boxes, which feature their main Thai dishes, you can also browse a variety of appetizers such as chicken satay or spring rolls, or Tom Kha and spicy noodle soup. Wash the delicious Thai flavours down with a Thai iced tea or iced coffee.

Find out more at tuktukthai.com


Khao San Thai Kitchen

In the Thai language, “Khao San” means milled rice, which for the team at Khao San Thai Kitchen, is very fitting, as rice is not only a staple in Thai food and dishes, but an integral part of their culture and heritage. The Thai and Western décor, authentic dishes produced by experienced Thai chefs, and the skilled way that each dish is plated and served all create an authentic Thai dining experience. The menu features a selection of curries, stir-fried dishes, seafood plates and noodle and rice options, such as the universally loved Pad Thai. They also offer a variety of signature dishes, such as the crying tiger, which features grilled and marinated rib eye with Thai northeastern style dipping sauce, onion and roasted peanuts.

Find out more at khaosanthaikitchen.ca 

Thai Tai

Located in the heart of 17th Ave, this Vietnamese sub and grill spot honors its roots with their authentic Vietnamese subs – a cuisine deriving from Saigon with ingredients of both French and Vietnamese origins. There’s nothing quite like an authentic Charbroiled pork sub, but at Thai Tai, there are plenty of options to choose from, including a traditional Vietnamese cold cut, spicy satay beef, veggie subs and more. Cutting back on carbs? No problem, Thai Tai also has a range of different bowls, soups and sides such as salad rolls and yam fries. And what’s a Vietnamese dish without a bubble tea or Vietnamese iced coffee to top it all off.

Find out more at thaitaivietnamese.com

Noodle box

What originated as a small food cart in Victoria B.C.’s Chinatown is now a popular Asian takeout destination in Western Canada with more than 20 locations. With a focus on Southeast Asian street food, Noodlebox serves up a variety of tasty dishes such as Pad Thai, Thai style Chow mien, Ginger Beef, Chinese Style Stir Fried Rice and more. There food features fresh ingredients, with much of it being made by hand, in house, like their special sauces, which are made without the use of MSG or preservatives. Their dishes can also be modified to accommodate Gluten-Free and Vegan diets.

Find out more at noodlebox.ca

Chinese, Peking and Szechuan Style

Long’s Chinese Food

When you get that all too frequent craving for Chinese food, Pop into Long’s Chinese and enjoy an abundant selection of spicy, authentic Szechuan style dishes. Start your meal off with one of their various soups, featuring ingredients such as seaweed soup with pork backbone or American ginseng soup with chicken. Then browse their variety of dishes featuring their griddle cooking style, and ingredients including veggies, tofu, duck, pork intestine and more, or experiment with a cold dish, such as spicy marinated beef trip. They also offer a range of plates featuring beef, chicken, pork, fish and seafood, vegetables and tofu.

Peking Dragon

This family-run business has been serving peking-style cuisine to Calgarians since 1984. Come hungry, because this downtown restaurant has more than 100 tasty menu items to choose from. Start your meal off with one of their appealing appetizers like spring rolls, pork dumplings, or a won ton soup. Then move onto the big stuff – options are endless, with beef, pork, duck, seafood and chicken dishes to indulge on. Mix and match classic favourites such as beef and broccoli, salt and pepper prawns, breaded almond chicken, and of course one of their many rice or noodle dishes. They also offer combination meals for groups of two, four or six – perfect for date night or a family dinner.

Find out more at pekingdragon.ca

King’s Chinese Food

From Chop Suey to Ginger Beef and everything in between, King’s Chinese food, located in the heart of 17th Ave, has all of your favourite Chinese staples. Indulge in hearty flavourful dishes while enjoying a night out on the Ave, or order in because Chinese food sometimes just tastes better from the comfort of your own couch. Their menu is expansive, so come hungry or order with friends. They have options for combination dinners for six people.


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