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Edo Japan Coming to 17th Ave!

Edo Japan is bringing their much-loved teppan-style teriyaki dishes to 17th Ave this month, and we can’t wait to dig into their hand-rolled sushi, hearty yakisoba meals and of course, savour in their renowned teriyaki sauce.

Edo Japan

If you’re from Calgary, chances are you’ve stopped by Edo for a quick but delicious teppanyaki meal and some California rolls – you can find Edo locations throughout Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It’s become one of Western Canada’s most popular “fast-casual” dining joints, but what you may not know is that Edo actually originated in Calgary over 40 years ago when a Japanese Buddhist minister wanted to serve traditional teppan-style meals with a signature teriyaki sauce. This has come to be the sauce you still know and love today.

Teppan-style meals made with Canadian Beef and fresh Vegetables

This popular Japan-inspired joint now has more than 130 locations across Canada, serving up delicious teppan-style dishes made with choice cuts of Canadian beef and chicken, and fresh vegetables. Their menu contains everything from noodle and rice dishes to sushi, soup, sides, snacks and more. 

When you’re really hungry, go for one of their Bento Boxes, which comes with options like their Teriyaki Chicken or Sukiyaki beef, served alongside sides such as tempura shrimp, edamame and gyoza.  If you’re wanting something on the lighter side, you can go for a dish like their Teriyaki Salmon, served on rice with fresh veg. You can also substitute their cauliflower rice instead of noodles or white rice. 

Sushi, Sides and More

We can’t neglect to mention Edo Japan’s sushi platters either. Find classic rolls like California, Dynamite and Salomon, as well as Salmon and Shrimp Nigiri options. Choose roles individually or get an assortment with one of their various platters. 

Check them out at 614A 17th Ave SW on January 15th when they will be open for pickup. You can also check out their website for online ordering options!

614A 17th Ave SW, edojapan.com

Website: edojapan.com

Instagram: @officialedojapan

Facebook: @edojapan



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