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New to the Ave: Made by Marcus

Open from 11am – 10pm so you can come for the morning coffee and pastries, and stay for the ice cream.

You’ve surely seen their adorable jars lining the freezer shelves of hip retail locations like Janice Beaton Fine Cheese, Bridgeland Market and many more but now you can sample flavours like Lemon Curd + Wild Blueberry or Dulce Banana Walnut, right here on 17th Ave.  Made by hand, from scratch, using only local and fresh ingredients, this ice cream really is Made by Marcus. His unique 72 hour process creates mind-blowing flavours served in hand-made waffle cones that will have you screaming for more.

This inspired business owner has been creating his favourite flavours from inside the FARM location, and now he finally has a brick and mortar micro creamery to call home. We stopped in to chat with Marcus and to check out the welcoming new space.


What was the inspiration behind Made by Marcus?

I was inspired by a company in New York, called Baked By Melissa. I used to walk by it all the time when I lived there and I thought how cool is it that one person can survive in such a competitive market with this tiny bakery, especially in Soho. About 5 years later I finally had the opportunity to start my own business and went for it.

I started with macarons which requires a lot of skill and patience. Over the years, we’ve evolved to make ice cream and other novelty items.

Why did you choose 17th for your location?

I know 17th Ave well from my time working at FARM restaurant. It has great exposure for a new business and has a fun nightlife which I thought paired well with having an ice cream shop.

These flavours are not typically what we sell in other stores so it tends to be more exclusive.


Tell us a bit about the Monogram and Kombucha Partnership? 

I have worked with Monogram and TrueBuch before and they are great people to work with. I wanted to create a space that features some great businesses and people and I liked how their products complemented the business.

What can people expect when they walk into Made by Marcus on 17th?

A selection of hard and soft ice cream from flavours and combinations that I personally enjoy. We have Monogram Coffee and a selection of pastries for people that just want to come in during the day and sit in the space and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Stay up-to-date on all things Made by Marcus by following them online below:

Instagram: @madebymarcus
Facebook: Facebook.com/MadeByMarcus/




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