Empathy on the Ave

Since opening this past April, Humainologie Gallery + Store has brought a truly unique shopping experience to 17th Ave. 

As documentary filmmakers that specialize in telling human stories, Humainologie was searching for the ideal venue to connect and share their films with Calgarians. At the same time, they were looking to develop income sources to fund their non-for-profit venture. It was here the idea for the shopping gallery was born. 

Located at 1514 7th Street SW, visitors can watch short films on tablets as they shop the collection of carefully curated merchandise. From clothing to footwear to jewelry and accessories, each sale piece has been carefully selected for its sustainable, ethical, and community-focused nature. Humainologie proudly carries local Calgary brands like Tribe of Lambs, Stress Case, and Tender Living Farm, as well as international brands that are fair trade or ethically produced such as Mata Traders and Groceries Apparel.

In addition to creating films, podcasts, and clothing, Humainologie also curates Empathy Week each June, and are active participants in community events, including the upcoming Calgary Pride Week. 

For news on upcoming films and events, contact and follow Humainologie here: 

Instagram: @spreadempathyYYC                                                             

Facebook: @Humainologie                                                                           

Twitter: @Humainologie                                                                              

Website: www.humainologie.com

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