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There’s a healthy new option on the Ave and with all those Halloween treats haunting you, Fork and Salad (120, 880 17th Ave S.W.) may be the next trip you need for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Conceived from a “why can’t I have this at home” moment, owner, Joel Hector dreamt up his ideal and brought Fork and Salad to the masses in the dynamic and fast paced community of 17th Ave. Attending a health and wellness centre in 2012, Joel worked hard at achieving a healthy new lifestyle. Once he returned home he found that there weren’t many simple solution for grabbing a healthy meal on-the-go while maintaining his new found health. Time and time again, with his question of “why not” being unanswered, he decided to do something about it.

This is a passion of mine. What we offer you is Fuel for Life!

Fork and Salad serves fresh, pure, honest and most importantly, satisfying food. With low calorie, dense food, they strive to provide nutritionally balanced meals filled with ingredients that are only served raw, baked, roasted or steamed. The goal; fill you up while providing hours of energy.
With a variety of menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Fork and Salad make it easy to make a healthy choice. Pull up a chair in their fresh and trendy new space and spend some time catching up over lunch or try your hand at one of their classic boardgames. If you’re on the run, order online and take it to go.
Fork and Salad is currently working on numerous community events with the hopes of impacting the local community and city alike. ‘Salad’s For Schools’ is another program in the works and they are excited to share the details soon.

We want to ignite a movement that brings our community together with healthy food and good times.

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