Fall in Love with Frank & Oak

Every day is day one at Frank & Oak (831 17th Ave S.W.), particularly in their newly opened boutique, which showcases the best of this online brand in person. We liken the little menwear shop to our dream man – well dressed, kind, fresh and inventive, someone the women and men of YYC will easily fall in love with.


Frank & Oak features men’s clothing and accessories at reasonable prices by removing the middleman and taking pride in doing the work in-house. Imagined in the trendy neighbourhood of Mile-End, Montreal, the brand oozes quality and class – the well-tailored and classic clothing speaks for itself.

The two-story space welcomes you like a home, with bright sunlit windows and old wood floors. With great art on the walls and sharp clothing on the racks, it’s truly a delightful place to shop.

Price friendly is an understatement and a whimsical walk up to their second floor takes you further into sale heaven. The style advisors are great to visit and shop with (the game is upped by the collaborative nature of this company and the ‘all do all’ mentality). Everyone here is responsible for executing the visual merchandizing, design concept and personal styling.

Skip down the avenue, pop into their shop and let Frank & Oak sweep you off your feet.

Stay up-to-date on all things Frank & Oak by following them online below:

Facebook: facebook.com/FrankAndOakGrey
Twitter: @FrankAndOak
Instagram: @frankandoak

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