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Sharing its home in Hillier Square with 17th Ave staples like Caffe Beano and Steeling Home, The George-Hahle Academy of Music (1008 17th Ave S.W.) sits atop a quick flight of steps in a charming little day lit studio. Shelves of music books and artifacts fill the room with personality and are fast evidence of long study, and lifelong experience in vocal performance training.
Meet Margaret: owner, teacher, adjudicator, soprano soloist and namesake of the academy. With over 40 years of teaching and performance training, Margaret offers vocal lessons to beginners and advanced students alike. Established in 1991, George-Hahle Academy welcomes a range of intention; whether you are pursuing a lifelong love of music, preparing for Royal Conservatory exams, or aiming for a career, you will find a home here. Margaret offers individual voice lessons for all of her students, with live piano accompaniment, for a one-on-one teaching benefit.

“Music is like breathing to me, it has been the constant in my life”

A strong advocate of the arts, Margaret believes there is much to be gained by studying music “because it offers expression to the soul and inner voice of a person.” She shares, that there have been many recent studies on the positive benefits to the brain, derived from the study of music, and the performance aspect can build self-esteem and confidence at any age. “These benefits make teaching singing to anyone, rewarding.”
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When a week of teaching is done and George-Hahle Academy of Music is locked up for the weekend, Margaret embraces the vibrancy of 17th Ave with dinner at Cibo, or another Italian favourite Buon Giorno. For a morning pick-me-up, a stop at Waves Coffee House is in order, or a quick peek into Rubaiyat.
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Registration open for Summer Sessions on May 16th. Upcoming concerts: “An Afternoon of Song” at the Grace Presbyterian Church on June 5th at 3pm, and “Summer Show 2016” at St. Peter’s Anglican Church on August 6th at 7:30pm. George-Hahle Academy of Music will have you singing a different tune (with perfect pitch, and good tone, no less).

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