Indulge in Flavour at Golden Bell Saigon


Shortly after noon on any day of the week, a steady crowd of Vietnamese food lovers slowly stream into Golden Bell (1112 17th Ave SW). Mainstays like the peanut satay soup and salad rolls have made a name for themselves on the avenue, so when someone mentions Golden Bell for lunch, it’s hard to think of much else. Whether you’re looking for something light or in need of a hearty portion of pho, you’ve come to the right place.

We decided to start with some shrimp salad rolls ($6.50) served with satay peanut sauce.



For the main event, we had to try the Super Bowl ($15.00) a hearty mix of chicken, sate beef, pork, prawn and spring rolls served over a bed of bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and topped with peanut and green onion.



We couldn’t resist indulging in the famous Sate Beef Peanut Noodle Soup ($10), spiced to perfection and topped with green onions, bean sprouts and fresh basil.


No outing to Golden Bell is complete without Bubble Tea ($5). We opted for taro root, a tropical Asian vegetable that’s surprisingly refreshing when mixed with sweetened milk and tapioca pearls.


Whether you need to refuel after some serious shopping or step away from your desk for a quick and satisfying lunch, Golden Bell is the perfect pick for casual atmosphere, delicious flavours and amazing value.

Check out Golden Bell’s menu and hours online here.

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