Love is in the air on 17th Ave!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air on 17th ave. Not just love for each other, but love of great food and thrilling experiences. Whether you enjoy discovering new tasty creations or breaking a sweat at a local boxing class, 17th Ave is where it’s at.

To celebrate this season, we are giving away $100 in 17th Ave e-Gift Cards each day from February 9th to 17th to one lucky person who takes a photo with someone or something they love on 17th Ave. For full details see the instructions below.

Follow Us on Instagram or Twitter

Before you get started, make sure you are following 17th Ave on Instagram or Twitter. Not only will it help you win this contest, but we are also a lot of fun and a great source of information about what’s happening on the Ave.

Take a Photo With Someone or Something You Love

Visit us on 17th Ave and take a photo with someone or something you love.  Doesn’t have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.  It can be a photo of you and your favourite coffee.


Tag @17thavesw and Use the Hashtag #loveon17th

To enter the contest with your photo make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #loveon17th.  Also make sure your Instagram post or Tweet is public, otherwise we can’t see it.


There is a chance to win daily between February 9th and 17th!

Want to Give the Perfect Gift this Valentine's Day?

The freshly minted 17th Ave Gift Card is accepted at over 27 locations on the Ave and the list keeps growing. Click the button below to get started.