Modern Furnishings and Interior Design at Robert Sweep

Robert Sweep’s versatile and inventive style, along with his wealth of expertise and experience in interior design, is evident at his chic 17th Ave showroom, where you can peruse his collection of modern furniture, lighting and home accessories imported from around the world. Located on 16th Ave, the lively street parallel with Tomkin’s Park and 17th Ave, Robert Sweep’s storefront carries sought after brands like Matouk linens and Kartell, as well as tons of vibrant, contemporary pieces for every inch of your home. 

Robert Sweep Private Collection

Robert Sweep’s own private collection features sectionals, sofas and bedroom furniture, but his store is also brimming with other furnishings such as quirky, ornamental dining chairs in bright colours, made from 100% recycled material, or antique brass accent tables.


Unique, Eye-Catching Decor For Every Space

This 17th Ave showroom has plenty of other eye-catching items for an injection of colour and character into your home. From their expansive assortment of lighting – think whimsical suspension lighting and intricate floor lamps – to bright and patterned rugs. Step outside your comfort zone with his selection of bright colours, and fun items like bean bag seating. Additionally, you can also find a variety of candles, reed diffusers, and collectible books to adorn your space, or give as gifts. 

Robert Sweep Interior Design

As an interior designer, Robert Sweep and partner Evalina Schmidtke offer expertise for envisioning and planning, handcrafted millwork for cabinetry, construction and project management, paint and wall coverings, winter treatments, furnishings, and accessories. Robert’s clients will also have access to some of the top suppliers of furnishings, accessories and custom pieces from around the globe. Robert has experience curating interior spaces for clients from across North America.

Head to Robert Sweep’s website to shop his collection online and browse one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as request a consultation for his interior designer services. 

808 – 16th Avenue SW,


Instagram: @robertsweephome  

Facebook: @robertsweephome  

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