New to the Ave: Ollia Macarons & Tea

Just in time for holiday festivities, Ollia Macarons & Tea (810C 16 Ave. S.W) opens on the Avenue, bringing their delectable treats and scrumptious organic teas to all.


Perfectly pretty little mouthfuls of heaven, macarons are great as a tiny sweet treat or as a hostess gift that’s sure to impress. These little French beauties come in a creative assortment of flavours from Maple Bacon, Lemon Cheesecake to simple classics like Hazelnut. Or, try one with a white chocolate ganache that’s infused with their very own blend of organic Earl Grey tea…just stop it!

Or don’t, and get in there today and sample their Macaron & Tea Holiday collection while you still can.


For more about Ollia Macarons & Tea, visit

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