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17th Ave may be your favourite stop for coffee, shopping or day on the patio, but thanks to Paws Dog Daycare, (1313 16 Ave S.W.) it’s a favourite spot for YYC pups too. Owner and operator Eric Yeung has been in the dog care business since 2008, and knows a thing or two about man’s best friend.
He wanted to open his doors on 17th Avenue to offer an inner-city destination for dog owners, whether they are commuting to work or want some playtime for their furry friends, Yeung offers a space for owners to leave their pups in good company and trust that they are in good hands.

“We’re kennel-free, and we believe an urban environment is a great place to own and train a dog.” explains Yeung. “High-density, high-traffic areas can be intimidating at first, but we help dogs get accustomed to the noises and distractions. From garbage trucks to skateboarders, we teach the dogs there’s nothing to be afraid of.” he shares.

Paws offers a full range of services including a groomer, daycare and supervised socialization. “We’ll have owners who arrive with small dogs and explain that they don’t get along well with larger dogs, or vice versa.” shares Yeung.


“We slowly ease the dogs into social situations, either at nearby parks, in our own space – or on walks along 17th and help them get to know each other. This makes their walks with owners easier in the long run. Ultimately, everything we do aims to make dog ownership manageable and fun, especially in the inner city.”
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With a selection of food, toys and other pet treats, a trip to Paws will leave your pup begging for more.

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