Tomkins Park Permit

Calgary Recreation facilitates the bookings of open public park spaces for various outdoor activities, including weddings, fundraising events, performances,walks/runs, etc.

Any greenspace or park maintained by Calgary Parks may be booked providing the appropriate Parks region has given permission to do so. These include: major parks, regional and local pathways, small miscellaneous greenspaces, skateparks, and downtown park plazas. Picnic sites and community playfields can also be booked for purposes outside of the realm of their normal or intended use. Booking any one of these facilities requires a special events permit. 

Busking & Entertainment Permit

A busker is a person or group who provides entertaining street performances for public enjoyment. If you are interested in busking in Tomkins Park, please refer to the City of Calgary’s information page for more information on the following: 

You can also contact [email protected] to express your interest in this opportunity.

Film & Production Permit

Film permits are required to film any theatrical motion picture, television program, television commercial, music video or commercial still photography, on streets or property under the jurisdiction of the City of Calgary.

Permit Exceptions

The permit requirement does not apply to television stations preparing stories for news or current affairs programs. Similarly, it does not apply to businesses or individuals retained by City of Calgary business units to prepare training or promotional materials for City purposes.

Please refer to Calgary Economic Development’s Production Permits Information Page to find more information on the following: