Philosáfy Coffee

Spending the last 10 months putting it all together this coffee house officially opened in May. The space is stunning – boasting gold accents, 100 year old reclaimed wood, and wide open windows with ample seating both in and out to soak it all in.

Philosáfy Coffee (632 17th Ave S.W.) pronounced fi-los-uh-fee, draws inspiration from western world history when coffee was first introduced – philosophers would often hang out in cafés and contemplate ideas and Tahir Khan hopes to carry on that think tank tradition with people from all walks of life congregating here.

Regardless of which part of the city you live in, Calgarians make the initiative to go to 17th Ave so it was an ideal location for us to open our café.

Unique to Philosáfy is their locally roasted custom blend coffee ‘Socrates Espresso’ from Colombia, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. Showcasing notes of toasted almonds, carmelized pear and milk chocolate it’s a coffee for everyone. They also offer a variety of single origin coffees so even the biggest enthusiast can bet their palates will be accommodated.

Open every morning at 7am, Philosáfy Coffee is the perfect place to settle in and savour the morning by the window or grab your morning pick-me-up on the go.

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