Restaurant Feature: The New Coup

Vegetarians, Foodies and Wellness Warriors have long flocked to The Coup (924 17th Avenue SW) to satisfy their cravings for nutritious and refreshing meals. Their eco-friendly philosophy and passion for community is paired with a relaxed and friendly vibe, and with a mostly locally sourced and organic selection of dishes to choose from, it’s not a wonder that The Coup has been a 17th Avenue staple for almost a decade.

Fresh from a makeover, they recently opened their doors again and we chatted with Ian Armitage, Partner in The Coup, about the changes to their space while indulging in some new menu items.

“We were tired of telling people that it could be a couple of hours before we could seat them, but our kitchen could only handle so much.” explains Armitage.

The Coup’s renovation began as a smaller project, expanding their kitchen in order to better serve their customers. By growing their kitchen and removing the wall in between the MEET space and The Coup, customers can now enjoy the same relaxed ambiance with a bit more elbow room. “I think the longest wait time we’ve had is 45 minutes. Our new space feels like a grown-up Coup.” he says.
Retro gold lanterns hang over velvet green banquettes, and rich woods mix with periwinkle walls. “Keeping the 70s theme was important to us, and we wanted to preserve and use as much from our old space as possible.”  says Armitage. The space brings the outside in with a wall-mounted indoor herb garden, and the large windows remain in place, ensuring an open-air dining experience whenever possible. While taking in the new décor, we mixed our lunch fare with some old favourites and brand new items. The daily smoothie ($7) caught our eye, and the perfect blend of banana, honey cinnamon and soy did not disappoint.
We also couldn’t resist the prospect of truffled honey, and had to indulge in our favourite Faux-gras Cigars ($9) before the main event.
All hail the Queen of Green ($15) – this salad mixes zucchini ribbons, pan-seared portabello mushrooms and sunflower seeds on a bed of kale, creating a delightfully healthy crunch we’ve been craving.
www.raw-photo.caThe Veggie Panini ($14.50) also hit the spot with its blend of grilled vegetables, asiago cheese, fresh herbs and pumpkin pesto on ciabatta. www.raw-photo.caAnd thanks to Mealshare, a meal is donated to someone in need for every Panini that’s ordered, so this is a sandwich you can feel good about.

In addition to some new lunch items, The Coup has added some enticing dinner and brunch entrees, and with their new hours, you can now get your fix of their deliciously good-for-you dishes seven days a week.

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