Retail Therapy: Earth Gems Crystals & Minerals

Earth Gems (1022 17th Ave S.W.) shines on 17th Ave with a vast assortment of crystals, minerals, shaped and tumbled stones, jewelry and beads. With access to gems from all over the world, Earth Gems boasts an extensive collection of rare and hard to find treasures at your fingertips.
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With over 850 gems and jewels from A-Z, here you will find any colour and shape you desire. From amethyst to fire opal, golden topaz to zircon – your eye will be caught and kept by the magic of these stones. Exceptionally organized, each type of stone has its own basket accompanied by a slip of paper outlining its name, location and metaphysical properties. Collect these little leaflets and build a story of your own from the stones you choose and the intention they each bring.
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The treasure hunt continues. Shelves here are filled with salt lamps, fountains and walls of incense; glass cases filled with silver jewelry and loose beads waiting for your inner creator. Housewares like wind chimes and coffee table books are priced so reasonably, it’s easy to find yourself playing house. And with a plentiful assortment of feng shui supplies and spiritual items, it’s no wonder a ten-minute visit turns into an hour. Weaving through the aisles is as calming as it is charming.
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What better gift to give yourself than one from the Earth. Friendly staff, huge selection and reasonable prices makes YYC’s Earth Gems the brightest of the bunch.

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