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Business Feature: 17th Avenue Framing

Since 1974, 17th Avenue Framing (1232 17th Ave S.W.) has had a presence on the Ave.  Having been around for over 40 years, 17th Avenue Framing started as U-Frame-It on what was a less busy and hurried 17th Avenue. Today, some of this bygone era charm still remains within the walls of this landmark store. The space is bright and welcoming, and in the corner you can find state-of-the-art machinery not far from an artist/employee hand-crafting a piece of artwork. Downstairs, you’ll discover their workshop, as they are one of few framing businesses in town that actually cut and finish their frames on site. Quality, framed and finished pieces popped from the walls as Bernard Drouin, the long-time owner, showed us around a fantastical world where the beautiful, interesting and obscure come to be adorned.


Having owned the business for over 15 years, Bernard radiates community hospitality and small business pride. Throughout our chat, people came in to say hello and have a friendly chat. Surrounded by easy conversation and a relaxed atmosphere, Bernard tells us that on any given day, you’ll find art collectors, artists, art-lovers, sports fans all the way to travelers looking to have their one-of-a-kind treasures framed.


Have an obscure project? They wont turn you away. Everyone at 17th Ave Framing has some Fine Arts background, and you can find them on hand to answer your questions. Want a bicycle framed? Sure, why not. One such client had a bike framed as an Ironman keepsake for his brother. Another client needed a beautifully delicate Chinese tapestry framed (brass rod and all), so they built a custom frame. The staff at 17th Avenue Framing pride themselves on the custom, quality service and product they provide.

Bernard-2-1 (2) small

With their own workshop onsite, Bernard and his team have the flexibility and creativity to turn around your project often within the same day. They do many an over-size project and have been asked to do everything from build crates for the shipping of artwork to coordinating and caring for artwork during a client’s office move.

If you are looking for a custom, quality finish for your beloved piece of art or if you are looking for some affordable pre-made and unique frames to create a custom family mural, 17th Avenue Framing has the selection and expertise. In addition to custom framing, they have ready-made frames, can create shadow boxes for medals, awards and jerseys, stretch and mount artwork and can handle even the most delicate pieces with acid-free mattes and museum varieties of glass.

Craftsmanship personified, stop by 17th Avenue Framing and give your treasured piece the everlasting, timeless treatment it deserves…your future self thanks you for 20 years of quality wall treatments.

Visit 17th Avenue Framing and be sure to take advantage of the ample private parking out back!




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