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New Year’s Resolutions & Health and Wellness Tips From the Experts

We’re probably all feeling the effects of the holidays right now – whether you overindulged on one too many Christmas cookies or you’re just exhausted from the never-ending stream of holiday festivities, a post-holiday reset is needed, and we’ve got you covered on 17th Ave. The Red Mile is home to numerous different wellness services ranging from psychology and counseling to acupuncture and chiropractic to assist you in getting back on track in 2022 and checking off all those New Year’s resolutions.

Once you’ve perused the below list of 17th Ave services, be sure to check out advice below from health and wellness ecperts and 17th Ave business owners, who’ve provide some sure-fire tips on tackling your health in the New Year.

Counselling and Psychological Services

 When we make New Year’s resolutions, our first thought is usually about our physical health: what diet are we going to try, or what gym are we going to join? Although nutrition and exercise are paramount in achieving good health, we often forget about our mental health, which plays a huge factor in our overall health and wellness. Below is a list of some mental health experts on 17th Ave, who offer psychology and counselling services to ensure you keep your mind as healthy as your body in 2022.

Inspired Minds Wellness Centre

1414 8 St SW #320, inspiredmindswellness.com

Choice Point Psychological Services

909 17 Ave SW, choicepointpsychological.ca

Humbke Psychological Services

1550 8 St SW, humbkepsychologicalservices.com

Lori Smehoff Registered Psychologist

908 17 Ave SW #204, lorismehoff.com

Our Therapist

501, 1550 8th Street SW, ourtherapist.com

Shift Psychological

815 17 Ave SW #210, shiftgrit.com

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Naturopathic Medicine Services

17th Ave is home to numerous acupuncturists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, doctors of naturopathic medicine and more, so if you have been neglecting some long standing aches and pains, you are looking to improve mobility, or just want to add another element of self-care to your routine, visit one of below clinics and therapy centres, who offer tons of unique ways to relieve any ailments, and ensure your movin’ and groovin’ all the way through 2022.


1608 17 Ave SW #103, intrinsi.ca

02 Herbal Therapy

1507 16 Ave SW, o2herbaltherapy.ca

Elevated Health

933 17 Ave SW, elevatedhealthcare.ca

Acupuncture Collective

1039 17 Ave SW #801, acupuncturecollective.ca

Mount Royal Village Family Chiropractic

1550 8 St SW Suite 505, mountroyalchiropractor.ca

Prairie Therapy

1039 17 Ave SW #204, prairietherapy.ca

Spa Services

Self-care can come in many different forms. It can be a moment of meditation on a stressful day, or a big sleep in after a long week at work. It can also mean treating yourself to that luxury spa service you’ve been dying to try, indulging in a dreamy massage or upping your nail game with a snazzy new manicure. We all deserve to spoil ourselves a little, so take some time this month and check out one of the amazing spas on 17th Ave, and the unique and robust list of services they offer.

Diva Salon & Spa

#217, 1805-14th Street SW, divasalonspa.com

Oasis Wellness Spa

880 16 Ave SW, myoasisspa.ca

Leela Eco Spa

927 17 Ave SW, leelaecospa.ca

Sublime Energy Spa

815 17 Ave SW Suite 220, sublimewellness.ca

Fitness Studios and Services

Sweat out all the holiday cookies and glasses of champagne at one of 17th Ave’s spectacular fitness studios, which offer a variety of workouts such as spin, yoga, boxing, HITT, and specialized one-on-one training. Our workouts often take a backseat over the holidays so have no shame if you’re starting from scratch. Shake up your fitness routine and start today on 17th Ave!

Amped Advantage

1501 17 Ave SW, ampedadvantage.com

One On One Personal Fitness

1516 17 Ave SW, oneononefitness.ca


1463 17 Ave SW, leagueyyc.com


919 17 Ave SW, movecrew.ca

Rumble Boxing

720 17 Ave SW, rumbleboxing.com

Rhythm Ride

508 17 Ave SW, rhythmride.ca

GoodLife Fitness

880 16 Ave SW, goodlifefitness.com

My Body Couture

908 17 Ave SW, mybodycouture.com

Studio Sat Nam

614 17 Ave SW, studiosatnam.ca

Advice From the Experts

The team at the 17th Ave Retail & Entertainment District BIA approached some of the wonderful health and wellness experts on 17th Ave and asked for their advice for New Year’s Resolutions, and ways you can support your health and wellness in 2022. From fitness coach Sandra Bueckert to registered psychologist Lori Smehoff, check out what the experts have to say below!

From One On One Personal Fitness Owner, Santa Bueckert

Did you know we gain at least a pound between Thanksgiving and New Years! Get back on track by getting back to routine. Make getting out the door to workout even more of a success by putting your runners, car keys and fitness attire together the night before. The next day, you simply dress or grab and go!

A gorgeous body starts in the fridge! Make sure that you grocery shop so that you’ll have the  items on hand to make better food choices for you and your family. We schedule dentist and doctor visits into our days. Why not you? Set your workouts into your schedule and set an alarm if needed to give you time to push away from your desk.

My Fitness Pal has a FREE App. Track your food intake. Spoiler alert: you might be surprised to see what you’ve really been eating and drinking.

From Registered Psychologist, Lori Smehoff

Here we are, in 2022, a new year! As we continue to navigate this pandemic, mindfulness practices have been shown to be helpful to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and can help us embrace our lives. Before you get out of bed and put your feet on the floor to start each day, take a few minutes to come up with one to three things that you are grateful for and why. Set a positive intention for your day before your feet hit the floor!  You can also listen to a daily inspiration or meditation by downloading a meditation app or youtube.  A more positive mindset and attitude can make a big difference on your mood, quality of your day, and how you view your life. Find the silver lining. Practice kindness and patience. Have a peaceful and healthy 2022!

From the team at Intrinsi

At this time of the year, it’s important to rest and recover. Winter and the holidays already put a lot of demand on us physically, added to by the turbulence of new restrictions and widespread rate of illness.

  1. Rest – shut down screens at least one hour before bed and prepare to sleep at the same time each day if possible.
  2. Recover – prioritize eating regularly (at the same times each day) to bring the nervous system back into balance while we adapt to minimal hours of daylight and severe cold, and recover from holiday meals and all those leftovers.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope everyone stays safe.

From Inspired Minds Owner, Cheri Woolsey

Everyone has the ability to make small changes in their behaviour, surroundings and relationships that can help set us on course for a happier life. This year, try focusing your resolutions on your mental wellbeing. Here are some simple resolutions that can help you prioritize your mental health.

  • SET GOALS: Calm your mind with goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound.
  • FEED YOUR MIND: Cut back on processed foods. Resolve to adding extra piece of fruit to your daily diet.
  • KEEP MOVING: Thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day, at least five days a week: That’s the way to keep your heart in tip-top shape and it’s also a fabulous mood-booster.
  • SLEEP: Sleep is for the mentally and physically robust! We need that downtime to rejuvenate and process information accumulated throughout the day, which helps solidify memories. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, can make us irritable. People who suffer from insomnia are more likely to experience depression or anxiety than those who are well rested.
  • WRITE IT DOWN: Writing down your thoughts can help ease any anxiety you’re feeling. It can make the tasks swirling around in your mind seem much more manageable. Resolve to utilizing a to-do lists or keep a journal.
  • RESET YOUR PRIORITIES: Want to avoid unnecessary emotional stress in the new year? It helps to make a plan. Sometimes that means saying “no” to people because your goal is to not overload yourself. Resolve to outlining your five top priorities–personal, professional, or a mix of both–based on what matters to you most. Make decisions about how to spend your time that align with that list.
  • CARVE OUT SOME TIME FOR SELF-CARE: Thanks to technology that keeps us plugged into work around the clock, political discord and concerns about money, people are stressed as ever! You don’t want those pressures to snowball. Everyone needs a release valve. Resolve to taking time to mediate, listen to music or pursue a relaxing hobby.
  • TRY THERAPY: There is no shame in seeing a mental health professional. If you have symptoms of depression or anxiety, there is no reason to suffer in silence, there are good treatments available. Cognitive behavioural therapy, for example, is goal oriented and focused on problem solving. It can help you think about things in a new and more helpful way. Resolve to making this year the one where you go to therapy.

From Choice Point Psychology, Psychologist Karina McGregor

I would say the number one thing to prioritize this New Year would be social connections. This might mean improving your existing relationships or making time for more meaningful daily interaction. This may also mean working on social anxiety and improving your ability to connect more authentically around other people. It is. It is not about quantity but rather the quality of our relationships. Disconnection and loneliness are huge contributors to anxiety, depression, substance use, and sleep problems (Perry & Winfrey, 2021). Social connection is a protective factor that helps us get through the inevitable stressors in life. Modern life and especially mid-pandemic life is chronically stressful. Meaningful, safe, and authentic connections can help us recover post stressful events. Please reach out if you find you are struggling with cultivating meaningful social connections! Choice Point is here to help!




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