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Conveniently tucked above our bustling avenue the high-performance studio is focused on helping athletes of all levels improve. Whether you’re just dusting off those old sneaks, or are a semi-olympian looking for a podium finish, their team will meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

With everything from personal & team training to sport-focused programs like Basketball, Hockey and more, Jungle gives you the right tools to unleash your inner beast. Meet Erin Holmes, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (aka lion tamer) at Jungle Strength & Performance. Erin knows a thing or two about reaching new heights, and has spent over 5 years on the Jungle team helping her clients with proper functional movement so they can achieve their best. We caught up with Erin to get the scoop on her fave spots on 17th, and what you can expect if you dare to step into the Jungle.

Credit: Paul Kent

How did you get involved with Jungle Strength and Performance? 

I had always been into fitness – whether running or P90X, challenging my body in one way or another. I never thought I could go back to school but while travelling  around China in 2009 I had a bit of an epiphany. Living abroad challenged me in such a way that I knew I could, and should, go back to University to pursue my kinesiology degree.

How did you get involved with Jungle?  

I started training at Jungle Strength & Performance with Greg Almond while working towards my degree and I loved it. I started out coming once a week, then twice a week and eventually Greg asked me to join the team through their internship program. 5 years later I’m one of the Personal Trainers and I teach some of the Specialty Classes and Sports Programs.

Credit: Paul Kent

Describe your ideal day on 17th:

If I’ve had a good sleep the night before I’ll get up nice and early and train a few clients before 7am, then I’ll head to Beano for a coffee and do my Crosswords and Sudoku. I’ll train a few more clients and head for lunch at Freshii or The Coup. I also live just off 17th so I might go home for a quick nap (this is my ideal day right?). Then I’ll come back to Beano for another coffee and I’ll wander Steeling Home, and West Elm and stop in at Best Buy or Shoppers Drug Mart for some essentials. I might pick up a treat for Bubba (my cat) at Pet Planet. Later on I’ll go back to Jungle for a few more after-work client sessions and hopefully end the night at Model Milk or Ox and Angela.

Credit: Paul Kent

What do you think sets Jungle apart from other training studios? 

We really focus on the individual. If you’re looking to lose those last 10 pounds, add a couple of inches to your vertical jump, or have a perfect, painless swing for 18 holes, whatever it is, Greg and the rest of the Jungle team will work with you to achieve your goals.  We also believe that injury prevention through proper functional technique is key –  hip mobility, shoulder mobility, in your first session we’re able to pin point your weaknesses and start rehabilitating through various corrective exercises. Our methods are very personalize and we focus on quality of performance, over quantity.

We also have Athlete Training programs  that are certified with the International Youth Conditioning Association for speed and agility. Both of which are really important for any sport – basketball, hockey, volley ball, etc. We work with the athletes and their coaches to accelerate their performance on and off the field or ice.

Often times we’ll start training sessions with young athletes and their parents will start coming to the gym with them. Even though they each have totally different goals they see it as a great way to connect with their son or daughter.  They’ll start their own family session – it’s really great to see.

Credit: Paul Kent

What’s your specialty at Jungle? 

I run a weekly postural improvement class perfect for any professional – desk jockeys or dentists, anyone who has a pretty sedentary lifestyle. We work through chest opening postural exercises and correctional exercises.  These classes will literally have you standing taller and walking out of the studio with your head held higher. You can see the difference almost immediately. It’s amazing.

All of our registered classes build on and progress into something else. For example if you attended the postural improvement class you’ll move into Spiral-Diagonal. We really work on continual improvement and building on the foundation you’ve already learned.  We encourage people to commit to a lifestyle change, not just a one-off burn.

Credit: Paul Kent

What’s the best way to get started with Jungle? 

The best way to get started is to come in and meet with us, discuss your goals, and try out 3-5 Personal Training sessions so you can find out what we’re all about. Some of our modalities are a little bit different from what you might expect from a training session and we do things that people might not be accustomed to. You can also start with a $49 Intro Week to get a feel for what you’d like to improve on.

What is your 17th Ave best keep secret? 

The Beano breakfast sandwich hands down. It’s delicious.

Credit: Paul Kent

What’s the best thing about living and working on 17th Ave? 

The convenience hands down. It’s a haven and my happy place. I feel like 17th Ave is our little New York City. We love being on 17th Ave because we get a lot of foot traffic and the location is convenient for our clients who work downtown.

Meet Erin on the mat and find out if you’re up for the challenge, we hear it’s not for the faint of heart.

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