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Support Local Business at The Big Spend

The Big Spend 

Did you know money spent to support local business generates almost 5x more revenue for the local economy than large corporate competitors?

Participate in The Big Spend

Time to show our local economy some love. On July 25, you have the opportunity to support local businesses who have felt the heavy impact of the COVID-Pandemic by participating in The Big Spend.

This one-day event that encourages Canadians to make an intentional purchase at a local small business of their choice. AAANNNDD we think 17th Ave has a lot of great ones to choose from.

Once you’ve made your purchase, check out thebigspend.com, which will be tracking spending across Canada. Add your name to the list and see your impact on our economy. Check out @TheBigSpend for more information.

The most obvious way to support local is to choose your community’s local businesses over their large corporate competitors. Buy locally-grown produce at your nearest farmers’ market, spend your next shopping day browsing at local thrift stores or boutiques, eat out at mom and pop restaurants – the list goes on.

But, the reality that we are currently living has made some of these options less accessible. Now as consumers, we need to challenge ourselves to find other ways to support our local community and businesses who’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 Ways To Support Local Businesses Right Now

Buy a gift card

Many local businesses have seen a major decrease in in-coming cash flow in recent months. Buying gift cards is a small but impactful way you can support them right now. And it’s something you can look forward to using once it’s safe to stop in again!

Reschedule or book a service for a later date

Whether it’s an appointment at your local nail salon or a service from your handyman, your cancellation is a loss of anticipated revenue for them. Instead of cancelling, help alleviate financial stress felt by business owners by pledging them future business and reschedule at a later date.

Give them a stellar review or shout out on social media

Not everyone has the option to contribute financially to their community right now. But luckily, there are other ways to support your local businesses without pulling out your wallet. Open up your laptop, pick up your phone and give your favourite local business a shout out on social media or an exceptional review on yelp. Hit that share button!

Order Delivery or takeout

The options for food delivery have become virtually limitless through this pandemic. In addition to the delivery, takeout and curbside pickup options provided by most restaurants right now, many are also offering specials or discounts to encourage people to order in. I know I have certainly enjoyed the plethora of ways to support my favourite local restaurants from the comfort of my couch.

Give a good tip

Many local businesses have seen a decline in customers since this Pandemic began. For workers such as  baristas, servers and delivery drivers who’ve worked through the pandemic, a decline in customers  means fewer hours, and fewer tips. Spend the extra couple bucks to make someone’s day and give them a great tip. 

Skip the refund

From travel plans to concert tickets, people’s plans for 2020 were derailed left, right and centre by the COVID-19 pandemic. In most cases, concert tickets for local shows, events and theatre productions have been providing ticket holders refunds, but small businesses and not-for-profits are greatly affected by these cancellations. If you can afford it, skip the refund and consider the cost of your tickets a donation.

Volunteer your services

If you’re finding yourself with more time on your hands than usual and you are able and willing to help, there is opportunities to volunteer your services to a small business in need. Skills such as social media marketing or website design can be of great value to small businesses who don’t have the resources to implement these tools on their own.

Continuing making payments to memberships or subscriptions

If you are financially able, it can greatly help support local businesses such as gyms who have had to close due to the pandemic, if they still have paying members. Many of them are still offering virtual online or outdoors classes that you can also partake in.

Buy local online

As consumers, take that extra second before punching in Amazon’s URL and check out what your favourite local boutiques, thrift stores and mom and pop shops have online. Many local businesses have shifted how they operate, and in many cases, that has meant moving their inventory to an online platform.

Say Thank You

These are trying times for all, and we’re all doing our best to get through it. Financial support is always appreciated, but a few simple kind words and a thank you goes a long way for those businesses who are grinding it out to stay afloat.

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