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Whether you’re looking to finally make good on those New Year’s resolutions, or whip that body into shape for a winter escape, 17th Ave has your fitness needs covered. Low impact? High energy? There’s tons available on the Ave for everyone from the Novice to the Die Hard Fitness Junkie.

Row 17 (919 17th Ave SW) offers the Certified Indo-Row Program, which provides a full body low-to-no impact cardio and strength workout. The classes are high-energy and work 84% of your muscle mass with little to no impact. A great option if you’re coming back from an injury, and accessible to every age and fitness level.

Row 17

GoodLife Fitness
(880 16th Ave SW) is conveniently open 24/7 and offers great amenities. From personal training, 20-minute circuit fitness classes and group cycling, GoodLife offers a dynamic routine for the seasoned athlete or recovering couch potato.

GoodLife Fitness

My Body Couture
(208, 908 17th Ave SW) has a tailor-made approach to health and wellness. Primarily personal-training, My Body Couture is an appointment-only movement studio with a personalized approach to getting healthy, toning target areas and achieving your goals.

Courtesy of My Body Couture

Rumble Boxing Studio (720 17th Ave SW) brings the best in boxing, music and overall wellness. With 20 Motivators offering classes 7 days a week, you can choose your perfect 50-minute window to de-stress and build strength. Classes are suitable for all levels and everyone works at their own pace.

Rumble Boxing Studio

Victoria Park CrossFit
(300A 17th Ave SW) is a fitness community where you can work towards your goals in both group settings or private sessions. Beneficial to any age & fitness level, CrossFit is a great choice for Moms-to-be, new Moms or anyone looking to improve their health with tailor made programs.

Courtesy of Victoria Park CrossFit

Lolë (911 17th Ave SW) not only features fashionable workout gear, but doubles as a fitness facility. Looking for some group motivation during your workouts? Join Lolë at their various pop-up fitness classes in-store, or hit the streets with their running club. Follow them on their Facebook page for class & sale announcements.

Courtesy of Lolë

Inspired Yoga Institute (202, 819 17th Ave SW) invites you to share your yoga journey with them. Hoping to build some flexibility? Or the skills to teach the craft yourself? Their programs offer the fundamentals to dive into the richness and depth that yoga has to offer.

Courtesy of Inspired Yoga Institute

Beloved Healing Arts (827 17th Ave SW) offers wellness classes from meditation to yoga in their upstairs sanctuary at different times throughout the year. Book a Hatha Yoga session in January with instructor Mellisa Nichol, and unlock your strength and balance. Be sure to follow them on Facebook for class info.

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