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This month, our 17th Ave. Street Style Huntress, Aldona B., focuses her attention on accessories, specifically Alexandria Souliere’s accessories! Putting personality into style, Aldona and Alexandria talk fashion authenticity and more.

Aldona B: “With an ever-revolving personal style, Alexandria Souliere is a stand-out on 17th Avenue, and pretty much anywhere she might be in our lovely city. She’s funky, cool and interesting, and I don’t just mean style-wise. Her personality easily shines through, and her personal style just speaks to the interesting person that she is. I love her hat and other accessories, and how she puts various pieces together to showcase an interesting fashion perspective. Well played, Miss Souliere!”


What’s your favourite part of 17th Avenue as a whole?

Seeing all the different types of people who collectively wander around 17th Ave. It’s one of the few places in the city where you can find such a spectrum of individuals and personalities hanging out in the same area. It says a lot about a city and its inhabitants.

How would you describe your personal style? 

Ever-evolving. I wish there was a better term but it changes daily, depending on the inspiration which can range from music all the way to absorbing what we see on a daily basis.


What do you think is the most important part of putting together an outfit?

To let your outfit be you and not anyone else. Of course you’re allowed to draw inspiration from someone else’s style or get inspired by a celebrity or idol, but being yourself is the best thing you can do for your personal style.


What’s one thing in your closet you couldn’t part with?

My wide brim black hat. It’s my life.


How long have you been a makeup artist for and how do you think that has influenced your personal style?

Professionally for a year but I’ve been playing with makeup for quite a few. Being within the industry has really helped direct me on how to polish off a look, it’s also helped with keeping up to trend when it’s necessary.

What Fall trend are you excited for?

It seems that there a lot of spring colours in for the fall. The transition from season to season will be easier at least, haha. 


What else would you like to see on 17th Avenue in the future?

The return of vintage/consignment shopping.

What are some of your favourite spots on 17th and why? (coffee shop, bar, restaurant, clothing store). 

Analog Coffee. People watching from the windows is absolutely fascinating.

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