Street Style: Dayna Ellen


This month, our 17th Ave. Street Style Huntress, Aldona B., is all about comfort, pastels and personal style. Catch up with Aldona as she talks style & substance with the beautiful, Dayna Ellen.

Aldona B: “It comes as no surprise to learn that Dayna Ellen, a recent graduate from the Alberta College of Art and Design, comes with a creative background.

Dayna’s artistic abilities go beyond her stunning work (she has a major in Illustration and Textiles) to fuse with a personal style that’s totally individual.

Sporting a fashionable bob, fresh lip colour and a fun outfit, Dayna is all about personality. The best part? She describes her own personal style as pajama chic.”


What’s your favourite part of 17th Avenue?

“I love how there’s everything here without it feeling like going to the mall. I love supporting local businesses, so the one-off shops add so much value to the 17th Ave. experience.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“Pajama-chic, with a boho-minimalist approach.”

What do you think is the most important part of putting together an outfit?

“Comfort and confidence are huge to me. I need to be able to walk out the door without thinking again about what I’m wearing. I’m trying to shop differently so that everything mixes and matches effortlessly. Sticking to a colour palette (for me, neutrals and pastels) gives more freedom to play with texture and shape. It’s really about setting yourself up for success. When you shop smarter, you feel most like yourself so there’s no second guessing. You will look great if you feel great.”


What’s one thing in your closet you couldn’t part with?

“My Aritzia Wilfred blanket scarves. A vital investment.”

What do you do for a living and how do you think it’s influenced your personal style?

“I’m an artist working with textiles, photography and illustration, so naturally there are intersections between my personal style and my art practice. I am really drawn to colour and texture values, which can be found in tapestry, painting, landscapes or material. I find that my wardrobe is starting to take on the same colour palettes that I use in my work as well. I’m also very minimal in the way I work; I like clean lines and geometric shapes, but with an earthy spiritual vibe.”


What fall/winter trend are you most excited about?

“Oxblood! It feels like a neutral to me because you can pair it with so much. It is also so rich and cozy.”

What are some of your favourite spots on 17th and why?

“My husband and I like to spend our Saturdays adventuring! A recent 17th Ave. favourite is Clive Burger; they make an amazing burger. We also love Sloth for new vinyl. Analog is also a great stop for a latte or a pour-over.”


What else would you like to see on 17th Avenue in the future?

“Some local art initiates. It would be a great location for an artist collective with an in-house gallery and shop space. Maybe one day!”

For more on Dayna, check out her website,

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