Street Style: Mallory Lynn Minerson


Mallory Lynn Minerson has called Calgary home for many years.  She’s traveled and lived in various cities along the way, and most recently changed addresses and made New York City home. While in between semesters at NYU, she’s back in town for a couple of weeks to visit family and friends. She’s looking forward to enjoying as much of her home city as possible,  including 17th Ave, and her personal style has her sprinkling a lot of colour on the avenue.

What’s your favourite part of 17th Avenue? There’s something that feels so ‘hustle and bustle’ about 17th Avenue – it’s always been the trendy area, where there is something happening in the city and just a great neighbourhood to hang out in. 17th Avenue is a single street that has created a community for culture and food, and exemplifies a lifestyle that is truly Calgarian.

What are some of your favourite spots on 17th and why? I love the section around Reid’s and Rubaiyat – it’s where I would come down and explore when I was a kid – also two of my favourite places to shop!


How would you describe your personal style?  I think that I have many styles, I dress for the job. Some days I am in athletic wear running up and down Broadway from Union Square to NYU, and that style feels true to me and who I am. But, I also love to craft an outfit that includes zero spandex. I’d say my personal style is a blend of classic and trendy, but comfort is a must as well! I like colour and texture and embellishments, and like to wear loud big designs and chunky jewelry.

What do you think is the most important part of putting together an outfit? I feel most excited about the things I wear that have been gifted to me, passed down vintage pieces that I can pair with something simple and modern. I love vintage furs and costume jewelry and hats – love hats!


What trends are you the most excited about? I’m currently loving all the hair colours that are trending right now. Definitely coveting Meryl Streep’s blue tinted hair in the recent release of Into the Woods. It’s not screaming blue, but you know it’s there, styled playfully and full of movement, and in the film its paired with a classy and extremely dramatic gown,  just striking and bold. I love it.


Anything you would never do when it comes to fashion? I don’t love piercings and tattoos so probably never that; fashion is all about trends and permanently altering my body wouldn’t be trendy forever. I’m a stickler for comfort so I’d rather rock a trend in a comfortable way, but never say never! I’d probably try most things once if given the chance!


What else would you like to see on 17th Avenue in the future? I’d love to see a theatre – film or live – be woven into the space of 17th. I think a theatre would bring another level of connection to the area.

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