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Contrary to the last generation of liquor stores with packed aisles and cardboard signs covering up the windows, Vine Arts (100, 932 17th Ave SW) has brought a new sophistication to buying wine and spirits in Calgary. What began as an innovative and interesting space with the first Vine Arts on 1 St. has now expanded onto 17th Ave and we’re certainly not complaining.
The second location is even bigger, all the better for the plethora of tasty wines, beers, ciders and spirits it holds. The open space invites you to take your time and browse, perhaps sipping on whichever bottle of wine happens to be open at the moment. And no matter which particular bottle is on offer, a friendly staff person will be able to tell you every little thing you might want to know about it. The passionate people behind the counter at Vine Arts have all had wine and spirits training, while many are sommeliers or well on the way.
Each bottle you see on the fully stocked shelves has been handpicked and it shows; every bottle has its own story and its own appeal. The selection is sure to impress, but even better is the range they carry, making shopping at Vine Arts completely approachable. There is no attitude at Vine Arts, just pure unadulterated love for all things distilled, fermented and brewed. “We are just a group of people who love these products. We have searched the world for these products so that you do not have to”, shares General Manager, Aaron Prasad.

We are truly a local merchant who loves what they do. We want to share that passion and ignite it in every single guest who walks through the door.

Being situated right on 17th Ave has its perks, Vine Arts is an ideal location for walk-in traffic and with yyc’s many imbibers and craft beer connoisseurs, it is sure to be well stocked with the finest products from around the globe.

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