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Aldona Barutowicz is Calgary’s Street Style Huntress. Her eye for style has allowed her to capture stylish Calgarians for several print and online publications, including Swerve, Avenue magazine and most recently, 17thave.ca. Her love of fashion and photography led her to begin her blog a few years back, and she’s been snapping photos of stylish people on the streets ever since. For this month’s “Walk With…” feature, we turned the camera around and caught up with Aldona at Analog Cafe to see how she’d spend her perfect day on 17th Ave.

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What brings you down to 17th?  

“If I’m on 17th during the day, I’ve got my camera with me and I’m looking for stylish people. I love coming down here to catch up with friends and I like to plan my meetings on 17th as well – usually at Caffé Beano.”

How would you describe the style you find on 17th Ave?

“It’s really varied! There are people of all different ages on 17th, so you end up with a lot of diversity. The style down here is usually quite urban though, very young and hip – it’s one of the best places for capturing street style in the city.”

Describe your perfect day on 17th:

“I stop by the Daily Globe to pick up my fave fashion magazines then wander around the corner to either Caffé Beano or Analog. I’m rather obsessed with the Americanos at Analog. After sitting with my magazines and people watching for awhile, I’m ready to shop! I love consignment shopping so I’m sure to head into Feisty and USED, and pop into Leo, Rubaiyat, Dick & Janes and Blame Betty. By this point, I’m getting hungry so I’d probably hit up Una Pizzeria for a Kale Salad or a Dragon Bowl at The Coup. After lunch, the photographer within me awakens and I go out to find stylish people on the avenue to photograph. If it’s a Tuesday, I head over to Decidedly Jazz Danceworks for my Dancehall class (taught by the amazing Sabrina Naz). All that dancing definitely works up an appetite, so I’d finish the day with some chicken tacos and a pint at Local 510.”

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What’s your favourite part of 17th?

“I love all of the discovery that happens on 17th. You never know who you’re going to run into, and I just love walking with my camera and seeing what kind of people I can find.”

Check back monthly for Aldona’s Street Style features and follow her below!


Twitter: @aldonab

Instagram: @aldonaBB


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