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A modern day renaissance woman, Joanna Majcherkiewicz better known as Joanna Magik, dabbles in everything creative, collaborative, and cool. Locally known as a sweat motivator and sweat style icon, Joanna has a background in athletics, sports, and entertainment marketing, as well as announcing various sports events including the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the Burton US Open for 6+ years. She also dabbles in DJ’ing and is a self-professed professional chocolate eater – all about balance, right? Whether she’s in between classes, running to and from meetings, or picking up her latest pair of kicks, you can definitely spot Joanna out and about along the avenue.


You’re up to some pretty cool things in our city – what projects are you currently involved with?

I founded and curate a fitness lifestyle web site, TheSweatStyle.com, under which I also make fitness apparel . I am a sports and entertainment marketing consultant and fitness professional. I have taught at One Cycle Spin for 3 years and I founded and lead a weekly running club called The Outsiders Run Club (#fromfasttolast – all abilities). I am the fitness contributor to Branded Magazine and, lastly, I collaborate with other like-minded fitness professionals and create workouts, to raise money for charity, under the banner The Sweat Bandits.


Why does 17th Ave hold a special place in your heart?

17th is like a day bar; bumping into people from all herds of life. Every other block you wave at a friend here, a colleague there, or an acquaintance doing a walk of shame over there, ha ha! A kaleidoscope of people, passions, and socioeconomic circumstance – I enjoy being amidst the happenstance encounters and the mixture of life.

I went to high school at St. Mary’s, just off 17th Ave, and worked at a skateboard and snowboard shop on 17th in the 90s. Going from suburban Calgary, to 17th, was the equivalent of stepping into New York City for me. [I remember] the all-ages punk shows at the Republik, the ‘weird’ hair dye and people at Divine Decadence. 17th was the pulse back then and, when I eventually moved away from Calgary, to pursue sports in Whistler and Vancouver, I returned to see 17th evolve with the times but with the same energy.


What are your favorite spots on the Ave?

I spend a lot of time in workout apparel and runners, and Less One Seven has the freshest sneakers and limited edition, athletic inspired, street wear. Although it’s a men’s store, the shoe sizes can still fit some women. I just bought my new favorite hat there! I also love stopping into Cru Juice because they create the best healthiest smoothies, EVER. I’m standing firmly by that statement. Try ‘Green with Envy’. Please tell me if I was right… or if I was right! (@joannamagik).

You’re pretty fun, what’s the best place for a night out?

Home and Away! It’s an athletically inspired restaurant with a well-curated soundtrack and creative décor. The games section can get super busy and breeds a fun friendly rivalry. I think I spend more money there on the basketball game than I do on my cell bill.


What would you like to see on 17th in the future?

Keep it classy, keep it weird, keep it independent.

What’s up next for you?

There’s always something brewing and I’m a pretty open book… see it unfold on Instagram: @joannamagik @thesweatstyle @theoutsidersrunclub


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