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Fitness Fridays with Row 17

Joining an exercise program can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be! ROW17 (919 17th Ave SW) has teamed up with the 17th Avenue Retail & Entertainment District BIA for #fitnessfridays to offer an incredible opportunity for those looking to revive their current exercise regime.

What’s special about row classes offered by ROW17?
In a ROW17 class, you’re truly part of a team where you pull for others and they pull for you! Plus, anyone can do it! It is easy to learn and you can go at your own intensity. You’re using your whole body in a rhythmic, yet powerful motion. Not to mention, you’re hearing and feeling the sound of being on the water with the patented Indo-Row® machine. These Indo-Row® machines allow you feel as though you are actually on the water and pulling with your crew without getting wet! You’re learning a new activity (rowing), which for so long has been a sport for the elite. Now everybody can reap its benefits.

What are the #fitnessfridays classes in Tomkins Park all about?
We’re taking rowing outdoors every Friday at 2:30 pm in Tomkins Park from August 4-September 29th. This year, we’re offering a Power Rowga class.

Tell us more!
Power Rowga is Row17’s newest class & was crafted with the thought to give you an exercise experience like none other! We’ll guide you through a hybrid of Rowing and Yoga that will leave you feeling energized, body strong and limber with your mind cleared. This 60 mins class will provide a sprint style row to warm up the body for the latter half of the class where power yoga occurs. We’ll support you while building strength in the body and linking breath with movement. Beginners are welcome as the row and yoga poses will build from the foundation up to the fullest expression of any given posture. Come row, explore, stretch and lengthen your body, to discover what it’s capable of. All levels welcome, and don’t forget to bring your mat!

Who is this class for?
Anyone of almost any age or ability. This complete body workout is one that won’t leave you feeling “beat up” afterward, just invigorated and is perfect for anyone looking to revive their current exercise regime.

What’s the scoop and how can people get involved?
Getting involved is easy! Just meet at the ROW17 Studio by 2:15pm every Friday and then we’ll walk over to  Tomkins Park half a block away. Bring a yoga mat with you that you can use outdoors. It’s free for first timers and you can book the class using a Row Rookie Pass and the promo code “17th” at checkout! Need more info? Feel free to contact us at 403-245-1701 or through our contact form on our website.

Does ROW17 offer any other classes?
Yes! Check them out below:

IndoRow – Dubbed “The Perfect Calorie Burn” Indo-Row® is a one-of-a-kind indoor rowing workout that is designed specifically for everyone to be rowers, no experience is necessary. Indo-Rowers burn calories, sculpt muscle and enjoy a fun interval workout in a uniquely motivating, team-oriented fitness environment. It will truly change the way you think about group exercise.

CandleLight – A mind & body experience like no other. Zen atmosphere, calming music and rhythmic rowing create the perfect workout guiding you farther than you realize. A great class for both anyone new to Row17 or experienced alike.

Row ’N Flow – Row & Flow combines the fluidity of rowing with the empowerment and body knowledge of Yoga. This 55 minute session will leave you stronger and more confident than ever. Michelle brings her expertise in both disciplines to the forefront with this energizing and complete workout!!

Row Machine – Rowing uses 84% of your muscle mass. Row Machine finds the other 16!! This absolute full body workout utilizes the WaterRower GX as well as your own body weight to deliver the best results possible.

RowLentless – Trying to row further? Row harder? Row faster? Row Better? This rowing class by rowers will help you find muscles you never knew you had. Join our Crew for a 55-minute full body, rowing-centric work out designed to help you row your best.

Check out the full schedule of classes offered & stay up-to-date by following them online:

Instagram: @row_17
Facebook: /Row17YYC/
Twitter: @Row_17



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