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Street Style: Phillip Bandura

Phillip Bandura is colourful and bright, and the perfect rainbow addition to style on 17th Avenue. His personal look and energy is even more welcomed in the middle of winter, where his blazer and shoes alone serve as the sunshine we might not be getting every day in February. My favourite part – the fact that Bandura does style his way and pulls it all off flawlessly and with much charisma – while chatting on his bright purple phone, naturally.
How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is colourful and eclectic. I love pattern, vintage clothing, mixing pieces that other people might not put together. I’m not afraid to have things clash a little – I find it interesting.IMG_0375
What do you think is the most important part of putting together an outfit?
For me the most important part of  putting an outfit together is that it stands out, catches my eye and gets me excited and somewhat nervous to wear it. I lived in Berlin, Germany, for the better half of a year and I loved how people there weren’t afraid to be outrageous. It really inspired me to pay more attention to my own sense of fashion.

What’s one thing in your closet you couldn’t part with? My favourite piece of clothing is a houndstooth jacket that I inherited from a friend of mine’s Father, John W.B. Shipley. Every time I wear the jacket I get multiple compliments and it’s a great conversation starter because houndstooth is such a strong pattern and you don’t see guys wearing it very often. It’s by far my favourite thing to wear out to a party or gallery opening.
What do you do for a living and how do you think that has influenced your personal style?
I’m an artist by trade, graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2005. I started an art collective, Bee Kingdom Glass, in Calgary with two of my good friends,  Ryan Fairweather and Timothy Belliveau in 2006 . Being a creative person has definitely influenced my personal style. Glass blowing is a very theatrical, dynamic and exciting process. People love to watch us in the studio and take photos and video and this made me very aware of my own personal fashion and how I wanted people to see me.

What are some of your favourite spots on 17th and why? (coffee shop, bar, restaurant, clothing store). Some of my favourite spots on 17th Ave are Analog and Caffe Beano. I love just being able to sit have a coffee, and enjoy the people watching. Before I get a coffee I’ll usually stop into the Daily Globe News Shop and look at the Design, Architecture, Fashion and Art magazines. I will usually pick something up to read while I have my coffee. As I’m strolling down the street I like to stop in at Rubaiyat to see some of the glass art that they have, I have a number of friends from across Canada who show work in the store. If I’m looking for a gift I’ll go to Steeling Home, I find they have a number of small quirky things that have a lot humour and make great gifts. If I’m looking to get some food I love The Coup for a great dinner and evening out with friends.

What’s your favourite part of 17th Avenue as a whole?
My favourite part of 17th Ave. is the vibrancy of the street culture. I love being around people and people watching and I find 17th Ave. is one of the great areas in Calgary that I can just spend the whole afternoon walking down the street and enjoying everything it has to offer. With the street performers, coffee shops and boutique stores, there’s a lot to keep me interested and inspired.IMG_0305
What else would you like to see on 17th Avenue in the future?
My hope for 17th Ave. in the future is that there’s still lots of room for locally owned and run businesses and it remains the destination to just hang out in the city and be a part of Calgary culture.



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