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Walk with…Ania B.

Photo: stalman.com

Ania Boniecka is a woman of many hats, and all of them are very stylish. As a Model, Photographer and Blogger, Ania Boniecka has quickly become a fixture for fashion inspiration in Calgary. Her blog, Aniab.net, showcases her unique personal style, blending looks you might see on a runway with her fashionable and approachable street style. Her work has been featured around the world, but her love of photography and fashion unfolds right here in Calgary.

Ania came to Canada in 1999 at the age of 13, and began modelling one year after she arrived, traveling across Canada and to New York, Paris and Tokyo. After completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Calgary, she began working in accounting for a Calgary-based firm – but her office wasn’t exactly a creative environment, so she took to the internet and started her blog in 2010 as a way of showcasing her art work and it soon evolved into the personal/street style blog that it is today. Recently, Ania and her husband started a production company called Stalman, working with clients across Canada offering photo, video & design services.

Modelling and photography are now a full-time focus, and Aniab.net has been featured in FASHION, FLARE, The Globe and Mail, LOU LOU, The Calgary Herald, Sofie’s Mode and various blogs around the globe. Her work often brings her to 17th Ave, and we caught up with Ania and her husband Tyler Stalman, who shared their favourite 17th Ave spaces & places with us.

What usually brings you to 17th?

A lot of my Street Style subjects are found on 17th. The crowd here is very young and trendy, and there are some very style savvy people who come to 17th. I can find what I need here for my work, and I have friends who live nearby so we often hang out or grab a bite on 17th.

Where are some of your favourite spots to grab a bite?

We love The Coup and we often go to Cibo, but smaller places as well! Both Thai Thai locations are great, and of course the McDonald’s is open 24 hours. Last summer was The Summer of Clive Burger and Tutti Frutti – we ate there like every day.

Photo: Stalman.com

Where else might we spot you?

We spend a lot of time in Analog, it’s really transformed this part of the avenue – it’s kind of like the mid point of all of 17th. We like to spend time in Daily Globe as well, they have a great selection of magazines. For shopping, I like Ooh La La, Primitive and Gravity Pope, and we wander down to American Apparel too.

Describe your perfect day on 17th.

In the winter, we park nearby but in the summer we will often ride our bikes down here. Summer is extra amazing on 17th. We’ll stop at Analog, and hang out around here for an hour or two and people watch. Then would usually take some Street Style photos then grab a quick bite somewhere. We might go into DAVIDsTEA in the afternoon or stop in at Daily Globe, and then end up at Analog again.

What brings you back to 17th?

The atmosphere. We lived in Victoria for a little while, and I really missed Calgary. When I got back, I realized that a lot of what I missed about Calgary was on 17th. I tell my friends who visit from out of town to come here,  it’s an obvious destination for atmosphere and energy.

For more of Ania’s fashion & style, be sure to watch for her feature in next month’s issue of FASHION magazine and find her online here:

Photo: Stalman.com


Twitter: @ania_boniecka

Facebook: facebook.com/aniabnet

Instagram: @aniab

Photo Credit: Stalman.com 




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