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Walk With… PARK’s Jacqueline Tyler


Jacqueline Tyler of Jacqueline Tyler PR knows a thing or two about the local fashion scene in Calgary. As the Director of Branding and External Relations for PARK (Promoting Artists, Redefining Kulture) – a non-profit organization supporting emerging artists and local talent in the community whose designers’ duds can be found in shops along 17th – and the Creative Director and Public Relations for The Heart Truth Calgary and its annual fashion show, Jacqueline’s passion for giving back is obvious. When she’s not running around from meeting to meeting – in heels, no less – you can find Jacqueline on 17th Avenue.

What usually brings you to 17th Avenue?

“During the week you’ll usually spot me at Market or Cibo for an after-work dinner meeting with sponsors of PARKshow, or for a late-night dinner with friends at National on 17 – they make the best salads and their brussel spouts are so delicious. Like Elaine famously said on Seinfeld, “Can I just get a ‘big’ salad?” Their drinks are yummy too – I love The Hound Dog Hooch.”

Where are some of your favourite shops on 17th Avenue?

“I love everything at Primitive Culture, and the shoes at Gravity Pope. I can spend hours browsing through the endless shelves of greeting cards and trinkets at Reid’s. And don’t even get me started on the jewellery at Rubaiyat – everything in that store is amazing.”


Where do you like to grab a bite on 17th? 

“I had the most delicious paella dish at Ox & Angela once. Lunch and dinner at Borgo is always a must, and the pizza at Una is great! Going to Menchies with my family is always a treat, too”


As someone who meets so many people from all around the world, how might you introduce 17th Avenue to visitors?

“There’s such a mix of luxury and vintage shopping to be found on 17th Ave, not to mention all the great restaurants. It’s probably one of the most dynamic communities in Calgary with over 400 unique stores and eateries – it’s definitely a great destination to spend an afternoon!”

Where on 17th Ave might you suggest people shop to find designs from some of the bright designers who’ve been featured by PARK?

“Shops like Leo Boutique and Ooh La La have long supported the art & design community in Calgary and they carry a lot of local designers. Forge Apparel, one of the labels showcased at this year’s PARKshow, always has a great collection each season and [Eric Goodwin’s] studio is on 17th in the Devenish Building. Gravity Pope has always been very kind to PARK, loaning looks for our campaigns and runway shows. And I have nothing but love for Ette Boutique owner Courtney Kos, a dear friend who’s made international luxury accessible to everyone – she’s such an inspiration to young creatives in the city.”


Describe your perfect day on 17th.

“My perfect day on 17th Ave would start off with a espresso and a pastry at Analog Café, followed by a delicious brunch with my family at Borgo Trattoria – I always seem to run into someone I know on that corner (of 17th and 7th St.)! From there, I’d pop into Reid’s for the best cards, stop by Rubaiyat for the perfect piece of handcrafted jewelry, then venture into Purr, Ette Boutique and Firoz to pick out an outfit for the night, leaving just enough time for the perfect blowout at Chrome Hair Design. Then it’s off for pre-dinner drinks at National on 17, followed by pizza at Una. After dinner, you’d probably find me on the rooftop patio of 1410 World Bier Haus, hanging out with friends and dancing up a storm. Then, of course, a real night-out would not be complete without an early-morning vanilla shake and burger at Clive Burger!”

Keep up with Jacqueline and all her ventures by following her on social:

Instagram: @jacquelinetylerpr

Twitter: @JacquelineTylerPR

PARK Twitter@ourPARKonline



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