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Walk With…Mr. Fabulous


Whether he’s attending Fashion Week in New York City or covering Calgary’s hottest events, Lifestyle Blogger Ryan Massel, aka Mr. Fab, certainly knows a thing or two about living the good life.  Mr. Fab has long called Calgary home, and shared his passion for all things 17th Ave with us at Clive Burger, one of his favourite spots.

Tell us about how you do 17th.

The best thing about 17th Ave is that you never know what you will find. I really like to just walk from one end to the other, and I stop in everywhere…On 17th, looks can sometimes be deceiving, but there really are a lot of  hidden gems. I have found so many great finds in places I never expected. When you go to the mall, you more or less know what you’re going to find… when you shop on 17th, you have a chance to discover something new.


What usually brings you down to the avenue?

The energy! It really is the place to be. I’m moving back to the area later this year and I can’t wait. I love being on 17th lately. The park is looking great and I like wandering on 16th Ave just behind it. You are nestled in by shops and restaurants on every side, and it really feels like a community.


Which shops keep you coming back?

The two best places to shop for gifts in this city are Steeling Home and Dick & Janes. I always stop in at both…You can find things in Dick & Janes that you literally can’t find anywhere else in the city. I will go to Swimco too because I absolutely love SAXX underwear. I can’t live without them and you can get them there now. They are the most comfortable underwear in the world!


Where’s your favourite spot to grab a bite?

Where do I start? I love Clive Burger, The Big Cheese – and I am crazy for the new frozen yogurt place next to the park. There are so many places now where you customize your order and get exactly what you want down here.


And when the day is done… the best place for a night out?

I love what Group 933 is doing. You can start at 80th & Ivy for dinner and then head to 1410. That is where you will find me on a Saturday night! It’s totally 17th – expect the unexpected. You go to meet someone there for a drink and then suddenly the music starts and the whole place turns into an amazing dance party – what is more fabulous than that?

Catch up with Mr. Fab on Twitter @immrfabulous and visit  immrfabulous.com for more of his fabulous lifestyle chronicles.



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